News ID: 90235
Publish Date : 15 May 2021 - 21:47

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

While the terrorist entity called Israel blows to bits the men, women, and children of besieged Gaza with missiles, aerial bombing, and heavy artillery, as gangs of Zionist thugs armed with machineguns roam the streets of towns and cities of Occupied Palestine to terrorize both Muslims and Christians, ringleaders of international terrorism are openly expressing support for the ongoing genocide.
If the presidents of the US and France have shamelessly backed the massacre of the Palestinians by ignoring the growing demands of the American and French people to end Zionist brutality, Austria has dropped its fig leaf of neutrality by flying Israeli flags on government buildings in Vienna and throughout the country.
It is a known factor that both Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron, alarmed at the growing power of resistance of the Gazans, have called for disarmament of the meagre means of defence of the Palestinians in the face of Israel’s massive military power, but Chancellor Sebastian Kurz despite his claim to Catholicism showed he is worshipper of Judas Iscariot and not Jesus the Son of Mary (peace upon them) by raising Israeli flags over all state offices.
This is indeed an insult to the dignity of the Christian nation of Austria and to the offices of the UN and its sister agencies in Vienna, where people demonstrated to the whole world their justice-loving nature by holding public rallies in support of the oppressed people of Palestine and denouncing Israel for its crimes against humanity.
Kurz instead, sent message of condolences to the Zionist regime, as if Israel was being brutalized by the Palestinians.
It is the height of hypocrisy and open expression of sadism at the martyrdom of over 150 Palestinians so far and the injury to more than a thousand men, women, and children, over the past five days.
Of course, this behaviour of Kurz, Biden, and Macron – who has banned any public rally by the conscientious people of France in support of the oppressed Palestinian people– doesn’t come as a surprise, in view of the terroristic credentials of the heads of regimes in West Europe and North America.
Over the past decade, these countries have provided every kind of support, including military, media, and chemical weapons, to the macabrely murderous terrorists in Syria to try to overthrow the legitimate government of President Dr. Bashar al-Assad.
At the same time, these countries have continued to vilify the Islamic Republic of Iran since 1979 for its untiring efforts to ensure the peace and stability of the region and the independence of elected governments from US-European hegemony, while supplying deadly armaments to Saudi Arabia to slaughter over 200,000 innocent men, women, so far.
In short, we are witnessing the flocking together of terrorists of all hue and colour against the Palestinian people, but whether they like it or not, the terrorist entity called Israel will not last long.

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