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Publish Date : 15 May 2021 - 21:47

TEHRAN (Dispatches) -- Secretary of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights on Saturday criticized a Saudi-based Islamic organization for its silence toward Israeli attacks on Gaza and the massacre of innocent women and children.
"What kind of crimes should the Zionists commit to cause reaction from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation?” Ali Baqeri-Kani tweeted.
"The least the Islamic governments can do for the oppressed Palestinian nation is to hold an emergency OIC meeting at the highest level,” he added.
Baqeri-Kani said the Arab countries which extended their hand of friendship to Israel on the pretext of peace have to be held accountable now for the blood of Palestinian children being spilled, the cries of Palestinian mothers and the screams of Palestinian fathers.
"Someday, Gaza was named as a place where human rights had been violated under the support of U.S. and Europe; but today it is turned into a place where humans are burned to fade,” the official wrote.
Resistance today, he said, is stronger than ever while the Zionist regime is weaker than any time.
"The new Intifada in Gaza proved that the sword of ignorance used by certain Arab countries and the blade of the Zionists through which they commit crimes will not weaken the resistance of the Palestinian men, women and children.”
Baqeri-Kani called on the international community and freedom seekers across the world to defend the oppressed Palestinians and stand against the Zionists.
"Palestine is alive, and it breathes,” he wrote.
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