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Publish Date : 11 May 2021 - 21:46

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

In blatant violation of the fundamental tenets of Christianity, the US and Britain which claim to be Christian countries are voicing support for the ongoing crimes against humanity of the Zionists in Gaza, and instead denouncing the Palestinians defenders for their right to retaliate against the Israelis.
Who says the West really follows the message of peace of the Virgin-born Messiah whom Judas Iscariot – progenitor of today’s Zionists – tried to betray to the pagan Romans?
Even Pope Francis, the leader of Catholic sect of Christianity based in the Vatican, Italy, keeps mum on the relentless dropping of bombs in Gaza by the blasphemers of Jesus and Mary (peace upon them) and their bloody attacks on worshippers at the blessed Dome of the Rock, despite condemnation of these crimes by Palestinian Christian organizations.
The Latin Patriarchate in Occupied Palestine had the conscience to say: "The violence used against the worshippers undermines their safety and their rights to have access to the holy places and worship freely.”
On May 11 a statement from the Middle East Council of Churches had said, "The violent events raging in occupied Palestine, which are still increasing in intensity daily, are nothing but an inevitable result of pressure and oppression practiced continuously by the occupying powers of the land of Palestine for more than seven decades.”
Are the ringleaders of the regimes in Washington and London deaf to these declarations of condemnation from fellow Christians of the bloodcurdling terrorism of the Zionist regime?
Don’t they have clear eyesight to see the bloodshed in Gaza, where people are being killed daily by Israeli missiles and drones?
Instead of understanding realities they resort to hypocrisy by deploring the right of the Palestinian defenders to retaliate with rockets against Israel’s terrorism.
As a matter of fact, the US and Britain should have appreciated the ingenuity and courage of the Gazans to shatter the so-called iron dome of Israel with a barrage of 250 projectiles in a few minutes that sent the cowardly illegal settlers rushing for shelter.
This show of strength by the Palestinian defenders should awaken the conscience of the Muslim World especially that of the traitorous regimes that have diplomatic ties with the illegal Zionist entity.
Now is the time to rally to the support of the Palestinians and provide them all possible means to improve the power, precision, and range of the rockets in their arsenal.
It is not enough for Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, the al-Qassam Brigades, and other combatant organizations to target Asqalan (Ashkelon as the Zionists call this occupied historical Islamic city).
They ought to target Tel Aviv, Haifa and Eilat with more powerful projectiles, perhaps ballistic missiles, if this technology could be transferred to them.
"Operation al-Quds Sword” launched by them in retaliation for Israel’s terrorism in Bayt al-Moqaddas should be seriously pursued, since the prime goal of all patriotic Palestinians is the liberation of their entire homeland and the eradication of the Zionist regime.
The defenceless people of the Sheikh Jarrah locality in the holy city who are being forcibly evicted by the Israelis, are waiting for liberation, and it is the duty of all Palestinians, whether Muslim of Christian, to support them.
Insha Allah (God Willing), there is no cause for despair, and the innocent blood of the martyrs will soon prevail. 
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