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Publish Date : 11 May 2021 - 21:45
Salaam dear young friends and heartiest felicitations to you all in advance on the blessed day of Eid al-Fitr, whether it falls on coming Thursday or the next day, Friday, depending upon the sighting of the crescent.
Anyway, Eid al-Fitr is the icing to the spiritual cake of Ramadhan with which God blesses us every year in the form of the day-long fasts of this month of the Divine Banquet.
May God Almighty accept your fasting, prayers, and all other acts of worship for Ramadhan.
Fortunate are the ones who fasted during this month in obedience to Divine Commandments, and abstained from all those acts that do not befit a virtuous person.
And indeed miserable are those, who despite being sane and healthy, disobeyed God Almighty by flouting His Commandments and continuing the normal habit of eating, drinking water, and smoking during the daylight hours, and at times in public, for which the Divine Punishment is far more severe.
Yes dear youngsters, our weekly column is for the virtuous and certainly not for the vicious, who if they happen to read it, would hopefully reform themselves.
The Islamic spirit of Iranian youngsters is worth appreciating in view of the fact that it has infused the soul of resistance into millions of youngsters throughout the world, who are displaying their iron resolve in the face of adversities, as is evident in Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan, and other places, where their heroic efforts are foiling the plots of Global Arrogance.
This is all due to the discipline that Islamic teachings breathe into the body of all aspiring persons, whose life is based on faith, moral values, affection, and refusal to yield to the temptations of devils in human form.
As a matter of fact, joys and happiness in Islam have a meaning and a purpose unlike the indulgence in sins and frivolities that accompany the festivals of other religions.
The Eid in Islam is thus an occasion of real joy on which the bounties of God are appreciated and gratitude expressed for having blessed humanity with such a beautiful world that is a place of trial and a stepping stone towards the unimagined rewards of eternal life in the Hereafter
In view of this bounty, a true Muslim ought to reflect on the dynamic legacy of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and his Infallible Ahl al-Bayt.
For the faithful, so evident and obvious are the favours of the One and Only Creator that even the adversities that are created for them and their societies by the enemies of humanity, such as the US, appear mere hurdles to be surpassed on the straight and unwavering path towards the bliss of paradise.
So, let us lift our hands to beseech the Loving Lord for help at each turnstile of life, as well as divine guidance for those fellow humans who have strayed away from the path of the All-Merciful and All-Forgiving God.
God bless you all, goodbye till next week.

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