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Publish Date : 08 May 2021 - 22:02
MOSCOW (Dispatches) – Russia has made the Zionist regime look like a fool by utilizing the regime’s drone technology over the past decade, significantly enabling it to help defend the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad against foreign-backed terrorists, an article by the Israeli news outlet Haaretz has reported.
According to the article by the U.S.-based journalist Patrick Hilsman, Russia decided to bolster its presence in the growing UAV industry after discovering its inadequacy in its conflict with Georgia in 2008, when it lost a number of aircraft to the Zionist regime’s drones which its opponents possessed.
In 2010, the regime signed a $400 million deal to sell its Searcher II drones to Russia, which adapted the technology and license-produced it to result in its own ‘Forpost’ UAV. Russian air force operatives also subsequently took joint training and instruction in the occupied territories in order to learn how to adequately operate the technology.
Despite the increasing perception of drones being armed and weaponized, most of them remain in use for reconnaissance purposes rather than defense, posing as tools to scout the battlefield from above and stalk opponents. That is exactly what the Forposts have been used for throughout Moscow’s military presence in Syria, with them being classed as Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance – or ISR – drones.
They are not entirely detached from battle, though, as they pass on information and geolocation data to manned fighter jets which then efficiently and accurately drop explosive munitions onto the targets.
Russia has taken advantage of the technology to target terrorists and mercenaries who seek to topple the Syrian president.
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