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Publish Date : 04 May 2021 - 21:38

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

Not a day passes when the so-called human rights organizations and the regimes of the West which claim to be champions of democracy accuse free and independent nations of suppressing what they call civil liberties, but when it comes to the plight of people groaning under the jackboots of dictators supported by the US and Britain, they simply turn a blind eye.
This is not just the height of hypocrisy but a clear proof of politicizing of human rights and the most glaring example in this regard is the worsening plight of the people of the Persian Gulf sheikhdom of Bahrain.
For the past ten years religious leaders, parliamentarians, social activists, journalists, doctors, engineers, athletes, artists, students, businessmen, farmers, fishermen, and people of various walks of life, including pensioners, underage children, and even housewives, have been imprisoned and deprived of the basic birthrights.
Yet, there is no word of protest for the sufferings of these innocent souls, solely because the repressive Aal-e Khalifa minority regime, sits cozily in the laps of the Americans and the British – and now the Zionists.
Washington, London, France, and Berlin, which cry hoarse over the trials and imprisonment of traitors, spies, smugglers, professional murderers and all other criminals in countries refusing to kowtow to the West, never speak about the prison term that continues to be arbitrarily extended without trial for Shaikh Ali Salman, the head of Bahrain’s al-Wefaq party and the elected opposition leader of the unconstitutionally dissolved parliament.
Even those Bahrainis who had become naturalized citizens of European countries and are now languishing in jails on visit to their homeland have been left to their fate, because their freedom and demand for establishment of democracy in Bahrain, doesn’t suit the devilish designs of London in the Persian Gulf – or for that matter of Washington which has provocatively stationed its 5th fleet in Manama.
Names that come to mind are the internationally acclaimed human rights activist Nabil Rajab, the 73-year old Hassan Mushaima (suffering from various ailments including heart disease and cancer), Abdul-Hadi al-Khwaja, engineer Abdul-Jalil Singace, and scores of other prominent persons – some of them for life.
They are all crammed into unhygienic cells in the notorious COVID-infested Jau Prison without any medical treatment, and are moreover subjected to torture.
Recently, the families of several prisons complained of the mistreatment of their jailed sons and husbands, but their peaceful pleas fell on deaf ears, amid fears that these innocent women might also be whisked away to prison in a land where there is no respect for human rights.
As a matter of fact there is an organized violation of human rights by the Aal-e Khalifa regime under supervision of torture experts from the US, Britain, and Israel.
Such a suffocating situation will definitely lead to transformation of the present peaceful protest to an armed struggle by the people of Bahrain for materialization of their denied rights.
When the simmering volcano erupts the repressive regime will be swept into the dustbin of history and the fiery lava will also end the undue meddling of Britain, the US, and the illegal Zionist entity into the affairs of Bahrain.
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