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Publish Date : 04 May 2021 - 21:33
DAMASCUS (Dispatches) – Syria’s Higher Constitutional court has selected two candidates to appear on ballots standing against President Bashar al-Assad in a May 26 election.
From a list of 51 potential candidates, the court approved three candidates, including Assad, former deputy cabinet minister Abdallah Saloum Abdallah, and Mahmoud Ahmed Marei, head of an opposition party.
The announcement was made by head of the court Jihad al-Laham.
The three applicants have passed all legal and constitutional requirements, while the rest among the 51 candidates have been rejected, including seven women.
All 48 other applications, including seven women, were rejected for "failing to meet constitutional and legal requirements,” Lahham noted.
The court’s president went on to say that those whose candidacies have been rejected have the right to appeal until May 7.
Applicants needed to garner support from at least 35 members of parliament, each of whom is only allowed to back one candidate.
The election is scheduled to be held on May 26. Syrians abroad will vote on May 20.  
Damascus has invited lawmakers from allied countries such as Russia, Iran, China, Venezuela and Cuba to observe the electoral process.
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