News ID: 89843
Publish Date : 02 May 2021 - 21:49
WEST BANK (Dispatches) – The Zionist regime’s Ariel University is granting academic credit to students volunteering in illegal outposts built in usurped Palestinian lands, Israeli newspaper Haaretz has revealed.
The university, which is being built in the illegal settlement of Ariel, is offering academic credit through a joint program with the settlement group Hashomer Yosh (Guardians of the West Bank).
According to Haaretz, the program includes opportunities at 28 unauthorized farms located inside illegal settlement outposts.
Settlements are residential compounds for Zionist settlers built on occupied Palestinian territories licensed by the Zionist regime, while outposts are small compounds unlicensed by the regime.
Many of the outposts, where Ariel university is granting credit for its students, include locations that have been the scenes of violence, Haaretz reported.
A spokesperson for the university has confirmed that students are given the opportunity to volunteer in three illegal farms.
A researcher specializing in settlements, reported by Haaretz, said that the three settlements mentioned by the university were also built without legal building licenses.
Promoting this program, the university wrote on its website that the purpose of volunteering in these outposts is to: "Connect students with the Zionist and national mission of farming.”
The university was built in violation of international rules and guidelines and has been boycotted by hundreds of academics even in the occupied territories Israel, the U.S. and many countries worldwide.

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