News ID: 89805
Publish Date : 01 May 2021 - 21:58
CAIRO (Middle East Eye) – Human rights sources in Egypt have revealed that a number of prisoners in Cairo’s Wadi El-Natrun prison have staged a strike in protest against mass executions that were carried out earlier this month, Arabi21 reported.
The prison security assaulted some of the detainees and intimidated them in an attempt to end the strike, according to the same sources.
Egyptian authorities executed 17 people who were convicted of murder for an attack on a police station in 2013.
Human rights sources explained to Arabi21 that the detainees who were executed on 26 April had received their families and relatives on a visit the day before, without being informed by the prison administration that this would be their last chance to see their loved ones before being hanged.
The Egyptian Ministry of Interior denied in a statement published by several Egyptian media outlets that prisoners at Wadi el-Natrun had been violently repressed by guards, calling such reports "completely false”.
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