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Publish Date : 01 May 2021 - 20:24
ISTANBUL (Xinhua) – Turkish police on Saturday detained 212 protesters who defied a May Day ban and gathered in several parts of the country’s largest city Istanbul, officials said.
Protesters under leftist organization who sought to rally to the central Taksim square despite warnings were intervened and detained, the Istanbul governor’s office noted in a statement.
The Taksim square is a traditional rallying ground for left-wing unions, as 34 workers were killed during the 1977 May Day celebration by shots fired from a nearby building. But the area has long been closed to all kinds of protests.
A small group from HAK-IS, a confederation of workers’ unions, was allowed to lay a wreath at the square.
Turkey is currently under full lockdown that began on Thursday and will last until May 17, in an attempt to reduce the growing COVID-19 cases ahead of the tourism season.
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