News ID: 89553
Publish Date : 24 April 2021 - 22:00

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

It is heartening to hear of reports from Occupied Palestine indicating public panic amid the wailing of sirens in fear of more rockets from Gaza in retaliation for the ongoing state terrorism of the illegal Zionist entity.
Although the rockets lobbed by the Palestinian defenders may not have the punch and precision of sophisticated projectiles in possession of the Arab states in the region, Israel is in the grip of nervousness ever since a missile from Syria shattered the so-called iron dome, perilously close to the Dimona nuclear plant.
It is said Hamas and the Islamic Jihad have fired some 36 rockets over the past twenty-four hours, but the memory of the lone missile from Syria that hit a military installation and ignited a huge blaze is so horrible that most Israelis are thinking of fleeing the usurped land to which they had flocked from different parts of the world.
If this is the case, they have made the right decision and should without delay leave Occupied Palestine, which sooner than later will witness explosive events when the simmering fire of the liberation movement bursts like a volcano.
The Palestinians and their conscientious supporters have for long insisted on a durable democratic solution to the chronic question of the illegal settlement of the non-Semitic East European Khazar Jews in the Islamic land of Palestine ever since the illegitimate birth of Israel in 1948.
The UN, however, under pressure from the US, continues to ignore this logical demand in the vain hope that the growing treason of Arab reactionary regimes in siding with Israel, will take the fire out of the Palestinian liberation movement.
This is a wrong assumption, as irrational as the so-called two-state solution to Palestine, where the illegitimacy of Israel can on no account be legitimized.
There is only one solution, and that is a referendum involving all legal inhabitants of Palestine including Muslims, Christians, and the original Jews, for a single country stretching from the borders of Lebanon in the north to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula in the south, and from the Jordan River in the east to the Mediterranean Sea in the west.
If this happens, the Zionists will be allowed to return in peace to their original homes in Europe or in the US.
And if this is delayed, then no power on earth, including godfather US, can avert the Wrath of God, which is all set to strike the Zionists one fine day.
Palestine is part of the Resistance Front, while Bayt al-Moqaddas (no matter if the western media and politicians call it Jerusalem) is the third holiest city of Islam, which means it should return to the Islamic fold.
Syria, which has been accustomed to the frequent Israeli aerial attacks, is not afraid of the sacrifices it would offer as the only frontline state supporting the just aspirations of the Palestinian people.
For the moment it is testing the waters, as last Thursday’s missile near the Dimona indicated.
Thus, when the time is ready, missiles will be raining in from every direction on the Zionists, and not necessary from only Syria, since the Palestinians of Gaza are determined to acquire the latest in rockets and drones to shatter forever the so-called iron dome.

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