News ID: 89155
Publish Date : 13 April 2021 - 22:25
TEHRAN (Dispatches) - Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier
General Amir Hatami on Tuesday in a meeting with visiting
Iraq’s National Security Advisor
Qasim Muhammad Jalal Al-Araji said expulsion of U.S. troops
from Iraq will lead to the security
of the country.
"Exit of American forces from
Iraq in the framework of the
Iraqi Parliament legislation will
contribute to the establishment
and boosting of the country’s
security and stability,” Hatami
Hatami reiterated Iran’s allout support for Iraq’s territorial
integrity, security, and stability.
He said that expelling U.S.
forces is an inherent right of the
Iraqi people.
"The Iranian people and
Armed Forces are ready to stand
by their Iraqi brothers for the
reconstruction of the country
as they did so during the fight
against the terrorist group of
Daesh,” the minister stressed.
General Hatami also expressed
Iran’s readiness to enhance defense cooperation with Iraq.
Al-Araji, for his part, pointed
to Iran’s role in the fight against
the terrorist group of Daesh
and its support for Iraqi people
in the fight against terrorism,
highlighting the need to expand
ties in various fields.
Al-Araji arrived in Tehran on
Monday at the head of a highranking delegation.
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