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Publish Date : 04 April 2021 - 21:32
TEHRAN (IFILM) --  The 22nd edition of the Ismailia International Film Festival in Egypt has scheduled to screen Iranian short animation ‘The Incomplete’.
Directed by Erfan Parsapour, the 7-minute animation tells the story of a hungry otter, but a perfectionist and obsessive one who wants everything complete in a perfect world; a world that offers countless favorable chances.
The short title has gone on screen at several global events, including the Kaniv International Film Festival in Ukraine, the Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne in Australia, the Unknown Film Festival in Russia, the Realtime International Film Festival in Nigeria, the DYTIATKO International Children’s Media Festival in Ukraine, the Sedicicorto International Film Festival in Italy, the Lakeshorts International Short Film Festival in Canada, and the Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival in South Korea.
The Ismailia International Film Festival for documentary and short films takes place every year in Ismailia (Egypt) to promote an intercultural dialogue for a deeper understanding of others by presenting their creative works to the audience and to encourage filmmakers of documentary and short films.
The 22nd edition of the event has been scheduled for April 1-7. However, apparently, the festival date is now rescheduled for April 8-14.
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