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Publish Date: 02 April 2021 - 23:32

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

A New Year not just refreshes our physical energy but is a stimulant for our psychology as well, with new ideas cropping up in our minds for progress of the self and of the society, based on the time-honoured and time-tested values of Islam.
On March 20, on the occasion of the Spring Equinox, celebrated in Iran and most of the Islamic east influenced by Iran’s Islamic culture, we bade goodbye to the year 1399 solar hijri and ushered in the Calendar Year 1400.
It means, according to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun as it rotates on its axis, we Muslims have entered a new century since the auspicious migration of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) from his hometown Mecca to Medina – exactly a millennium and four centuries ago – that propelled Islam into the decisive phase of state-building on the basis of the comprehensive set of laws revealed by the Almighty Creator to His Last and Greatest Messenger in order to serve as a universal model for all justice-seeking societies as well as individuals aspiring to lead a healthy and harmonious life.
In view of these undeniable facts, Iranians should consider themselves fortunate to have the Islamic system of government that was established 42 years ago, and which two days earlier on Thursday, Farvardin 12 (April 1) stepped gracefully into the 43rd year of the nationwide referendum that transformed the country into a republic firmly based on the timeless laws of the Holy Qur’an.
No wonder, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in his annual message to the nation on the occasion of the start of another Calendar Year spelled out a set of guidelines, which, if diligently followed by the officials and the people, will most surely make Iran self-reliant and immune from the plots of its archenemies.
Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has wisely designated 1400 solar hijri as the "Year of Support for Production and Elimination of Obstacles’ as a sequel to the "Year of Leap in Production” which was the designation of 1399 and which in his own words "was not completely achieved, but to be fair, made production move forward in important areas.”
As we said in our last Viewpoint of the year that went by (Thursday March 18), "If the concerned officials had fully followed Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s practical formula for the "Economy of Resistance” the results would have been much better and the country more immune from the illegal sanctions imposed by the US to scare away other countries from buying Iran’s prime export, that is crude oil.”
Nonetheless, there is no need for dismay, especially when we fully recognize that the US is our archenemy, which means we should never again make the mistake of ever trusting the American officials, no matter how sweet they talk.
In other words, Iran ought not to look back in any fields of production and should move ahead with added energy, including the uranium enrichment for our peaceful nuclear project which is presently at 20 percent purity.
Any back step, on any condition, or false promise, would be noting but self-deception in view of the western powers’ black, bleak, and bloody record of plots against Iran.
Interestingly, in his New Year message the Leader of the Islamic Revolution refreshed the memories of the nation when he said:
"If we want to make a small but significant comparison with the country’s entrance into the previous century – the year 1300 (1921) – the latter was the beginning of Reza Khan’s dictatorial and dependent regime. It was in fact an English coup launched by Reza Khan and that regime was in fact a dependent, tyrannical and English regime. That was how the country entered into 1300.
"This year, the year 1400, is the year of elections which means government on the basis of independence, the people’s votes and national self-confidence. So, our entrance into this century has such an important difference with the entrance into the year 1300 – the 14th century. I hope that God will drive all our affairs forward with the same proportion.”
These remarks of Ayatollah Khamenei need to be memorized by one and all in order to safeguard the independence, sovereignty, and freedom of Iran, which on no account should allow itself to be deceived once again by its archenemies, especially the US.

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