Sunday 16 May 2021
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Publish Date: 27 February 2021 - 23:07

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

When Donald Trump shielded his blue-eyed Saudi boy from all consequences of the brutal sawing alive of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the then US president was merely playing politics without any real sympathies for Mohamed bin Salman (MBS) who was merely viewed as a consenting cow with plenty of milk to offer the Americans.
Now when Joe Biden orders release of the US intelligence report officially naming the Saudi Heir Apparent as the main culprit behind the murder in Istanbul, Turkey, on 2nd October 2018, of Khashoggi, he is also playing politics, with an eye to more adeptly milk the Wahhabi clan of its ill-accumulated oil wealth.
In other words, the US administration, whether Republican or Democrat, has no sympathies, either for Khashoggi, his children (by his first wife) held hostage in Saudi Arabia, his fiancée in Turkey, or for any members of his family.
In fact, humanitarian issues never figure in the devilish calculations of the Great Satan, which only wants hegemony and the wealth of world nations through any means possible, without having any permanent friendship with anyone.
The only US friend, or more properly the US deity, is the illegal Zionist entity, whose illegitimate interests the American serfs are bound to serve, even if it means the destruction of Christianity and the humanitarian message of Jesus (peace upon him) – who along with his holy mother the Virgin Mary (peace upon her) continue to be slandered by the Israelis.
Thus, if Trump had used his daughter Ivanka and Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner as baits to entrap MBS and fleece him of hundreds of billions of dollars, Biden, who doesn’t have such enticing baits to seduce the lecherous Saudi, has resorted to pressure tactics to keep the taps running for inflow of hundreds of billions of petrodollars from the Persian Gulf oilfields into the US coffer.
This is evident by the intelligence report that stops short of any punitive action against MBS, and merely bans entry to US of some of his collaborators in the crime – perhaps to appease Ankara, which has long passed its verdict against the MBS, following its own enquiry immediately after the journalist’s murder on its soil in blatant violation of all diplomatic norms.  
Jamal’s case is of vital importance for Turkey, since he is the grandson of Dr. Mohammad Khaled Khashoggi (actual pronunciation Khashoqchi or Spoon-maker), the Turkish citizen from Kayseri in central Anatolia who settled in Mecca after disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, and served as personal physician to Abdul-Aziz Aal-e Saud, the desert brigand of Najd for whom Britain created Saudi Arabia in 1932 after the latter had seized the dominions of the Istanbul-backed dynasties of the Aal-e Rashid of Ha’el and the Hashemites of Hijaz.
MBS, whose strings of crimes include the martyrdom of the scholar Sheikh Nimr Baqer an-Nimr, the reducing to rubble of the centuries old historic quarters of the city of Awamiyya, the detention and mysterious killing of rival kinsmen of the Saudi clan, the hijacking and slapping of Lebanese prime minister, Sa’d al-Hariri, the destruction of the infrastructure of Yemen and the massacre of over 200,000 men, women, and children, is still useful to Biden in view of the Saudi maniac’s blind enmity towards Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.
This means Khashoggi’s murder is merely a case to be exploited and nothing more, despite the fact that Jamal had ties to the CIA as well as to US arms manufacturers through his late uncle the multi-billionaire Adnan, one of Saudi Arabia’s most powerful weapons dealers.
He was not an angel, and had represented the shadowy world of collaboration that sometimes exists between journalism and the intelligence agencies. Indeed, as advisor to Turki bin Faisal Aal-e Saud, the head of Saudi intelligence for 24 years, Jamal was an advocate of the Saudi destruction of Syria and Iraq, and an ardent supporter of MBS’ war in Yemen to stop alleged Iranian influence before he fell out.
At any rate, Biden whose penchant for state terrorism became evident last Thursday on the Syria-Iraq border, needs the cultish regime of Riyadh to advance its illegal goals in the region, and the implication of MBS is only a tactic to make sure the Saudis would always remain under the American yoke as the US is fearful of the growing positive influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the power of the Resistance Front throughout West Asia.

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