Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Publish Date: 13 January 2021 - 21:58

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

To liken him to a tyre, whether overinflated or deflated, would be an insult to one of the key components of the progress of human civilization, since the gangster who masqueraded as a diplomat in the rudderless clique of Donald the Dotard, was all set for a humiliating end from the very beginning.
Mike Pompeo, who resembles an overgrown ox and to whom Iran appeared like the red cape of a matador inviting mad charges that always sent the bruised head of the brainless animal spinning, is now a totally punctured person.
Following his idiotic allegations of the Islamic Republic’s ties with the CIA- created terrorist outfit ‘al-Qa’eda’ that made him a laughing stock with seasoned US politicians and the intelligence community, he was bluntly told by the European Union that he was unwelcome, and had to humiliatingly cancel his last diplomatic trip as Secretary of State of Trump the terrorist’s tottering team.
He now faces an uncertain future as he sticks with his bewildered boss who is likely to be impeached for the second and final time for his inciting of rioters to rampage through the corridors of the Congress, before being kicked out forever from the arena of politics.
Pompeo like Trump, however, will not be able to escape the punishment the two terrorists deserve for their unpardonable crime of assassinating the anti-terrorist icons – Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani and Iraq’s Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis – in a cowardly manner at Baghdad International Airport on January 3rd last year.
Both Iran and Iraq have issued arrest warrants for the murderers, and whether or not Interpol fulfills its duty in serving ‘Red Notices’ to the duo and 46 other culprits, justice will definitely find its course.
The hangman’s rope ought to be thick for a roughneck when he is eventually caught and faces the gallows – if not executed in a revolutionary manner in his own yard by some conscientious American avenger.
We all remember how the neck of the criminal Barzan at-Tikriti (stepbrother of the Ba’thist tyrant Saddam), came off from the body in front of all onlookers on January 7, 2007 when the executioner pulled the cord.
Perhaps Pompeo, who a few days ago again raved and ranted that Iran should not be allowed to enrich any amount of uranium for its peaceful nuclear projects, might suffer the same, if not a worst fate.
Imagine a harebrained rowdy who thought he could bring the Iranian nation to its knees by blurting a 12-point demand in 2018 in front of a few hypocrites and traitors hired by the State Department, now seems to be nearing his ignominious end.
We had foretold his fate when this most undiplomatic rogue was put in charge of the State Department over two years ago.
Here for the convenience of our readers we produce passages of our Viewpoint Column of 27 September 2018:
"The names "Pompeius” and "Pompeo” more or less sound the same to non-Italians, and appear to have a common Latin root word – linguists know better – but to Iran and the Iranians, firmly adhering to the laws of Almighty God and proud of their history, culture, ingenuity and perception, the names stand for over-inflated persons sharing a miserable fate.
"Mike Pompeo, a former CIA spymaster and current foreign policy front-man for the quixotic US president, Donald Trump, seemed to have taken the first step towards suicide or self-destruction – whatever you call it – when in a state of delusion he blurted out a list of demands calling for the complete surrender of the Islamic Republic to the Great Satan.
"Whether or not Pompeo has any blood ties to the Roman warlord of two thousand years ago, he tried to act like Pompeius, who puffed by his victories over Greeks, Jews, and some Arab tribes, violated the treaty with the Parthian Empire of a shared border on the northern banks of the River Euphrates in the Levant, in response to a message of continued cooperation from Phraates III (Emperor Farhad), little knowing that a few years later mighty Rome was destined to suffer one of its most ignominious defeats in history.
"The intention is not to recall the decisive Battle of Carrhae (present day Harran on the Syrian-Turkish border), where in 53 BC, Marcus Crassus lost his life and the dignity of Rome when the Iranians led by Sepahbod Surena routed his army and captured several of the prestigious golden war standards, the Legionary Eagles, as the other two members of the ruling Triumvirate, Pompeius and Julius Caesar, helplessly heard in southeastern Europe and were unable to take any action.”

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