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Publish Date : 31 October 2020 - 21:51
BEIRUT (Dispatches) – Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement’s leader, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah has warned France against its stance on caricatures insulting Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).
Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah made the remarks in a televised speech on the occasion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) birthday on Friday
"Do not allow this mockery, this aggression […] to continue, and the whole world will stand with you”, Nasrallah said, urging France "to be fair and just”.
He added that instead of "fixing the issue”, French authorities "became stubborn about this being freedom of expression” and that Paris should "think about correcting this mistake”.
The Hezbollah leader also condemned a recent deadly stabbing in the French city of Nice, stressing that "Islam […] forbids the killing of innocents”.
"Even if the perpetrator was a Muslim, no one should hold Islam accountable for this crime”, Nasrallah added, cautioning France against pursuing anti-Muslim policy.
The Paris attack prompted French President Emmanuel Macron to say that he would fight against "Islamist separatism,” which according to him threatens to take control in some Muslim communities across France.
"The French authorities have dragged themselves and the whole of France — [as] they want to drag all of Europe — into a battle with Islam and Muslims for flimsy and sometimes unknown reasons”, Nasrallah said, warning that it was a "losing battle”.
"Instead of addressing the root causes of the problem, the French authorities waged a war of this sort, claiming that it is a matter of freedom of speech,” he added.
The chief of Hezbollah strongly rejected Macron’s use of the "Islamic terror” term, saying religions cannot be blamed for crimes committed by individuals. He also said that no one blamed Christianity for the crime committed by the French military in Algeria or the atrocities of the U.S. military across the globe.
Thousands of Muslims rallied all across the world to condemn France’s anti-Islam stance.
Thousands of Palestinians gathered on Friday at the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex in al-Quds to protest Macron’s anti-Islamic remarks.
Preacher at Al-Aqsa Mosque Sheikh Ekrima Sabri condemned the republication of the caricatures as well as Macron’s statements.
"The French president has declared his hostility towards Muslims around the world,” Sabri announced.
After Friday prayer, thousands of worshippers gathered at the Al-Aqsa complex, holding banners praising the Prophet Muhammad, criticizing Macron and calling for a boycott of French products.
The Zionist regime’s police prevented thousands of Palestinians from the occupied West Bank from reaching Al-Aqsa Mosque, impeding them from performing Friday prayer.
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