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Publish Date : 18 October 2020 - 21:22
MANAMA (Dispatches) – Bahrain’s main opposition group, the al-Wefaq National Islamic Society has called on the UN and other international organizations to pressure Al Khalifa regime to ask the Bahraini people’s view about normalization of relations with the Zionist regime.
In a statement, Al Wefaq said the Bahraini regime’s decisions contradict the country’s constitution, the Bahraini public opinion’s views and national values.
"If the tools of suppression did not exist, the world would witness that 95% of the Bahraini people would voice their opposition to agreement and normalization of ties with the Zionists,” it added.
The Zionist regime and Bahrain said they would officially establish diplomatic relations on Sunday at a ceremony in Manama, after the two regimes reached a U.S.-brokered normalization deal last month.
A visiting delegation from the occupied territories and officials in Bahrain will sign a "joint communique (that) is the establishment of full diplomatic relations,” a Zionist regime official in Manama told reporters.
The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain became the third and fourth Arab states to agree to normalize ties with the Zionist regime, following Egypt’s deal with the occupying regime in 1979 and a 1994 pact with Jordan.
The Palestinians have condemned the deals as "a stab in the back” for their aspirations to establish an independent state of their own.
The deals mark a distinct shift in a decades-old status quo where Arab countries claimed to have tried to maintain unity against the Zionist regime over its treatment of the stateless Palestinians.
Polls and reports show an overwhelming majority of Arab nations are critical of normalization with the occupying regime.
A recent poll conducted by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Doha showed that an overall 88% of the Arab world population in 13 key nations strongly reject recognition of the Zionist regime, revealing that the number stands at as high as 99% in some states.
The poll indicated that Algeria with 99%, Lebanon with 94%, Tunisia and Jordan with 93% rank as the first four nations standing strongly against normalization of ties with the Zionist regime.
The result showed that the nations viewed the reigme as the primary threat their country was facing.
When asked whether they would "support or oppose diplomatic recognition of Israel by your country” only respondents in Saudi Arabia and Sudan came in at less than 80 percent for "oppose”.
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