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Publish Date : 27 June 2020 - 22:12

Austrian Festival Hosts Iran’s Cinema

TEHRAN (IFILM) -- A lineup of Iranian short films has been screening at the Zeitimplus shortfilm festival 2020 special edition in Austria.
The selected titles have been attending various categories of the 3rd edition of the Austrian event.
‘Silent Lighthouse’ by Farshad Ghaffari and Payam Laghari, ‘Limbo’ by Farid Yahaqqi, ‘Command’ by Farshid Abdi and Kioumars Mohammad Chenari and Shirin Ajidani’s ‘Home’ are among the films attending the Memories Reanimated section of the fest.
The Digital Artifacts category has been hosting ‘Minutes’ by Neda Valavi. According to an earlier report of ifilm ‘Inversion’ by Amir-Hossein Riahi has also been among the films in this division of the event.
The list of screening shorts will go on by Hamideh Javadi’s ‘Dialogue’ which is among the Inspired by Quarantine section’s screenings.
The Responses category has also picked 4 other Iranian works which are ‘Spot 247’ by Mostafa Ranjouri, ‘Elevator’ by Ebrahim Javadkhani, ‘Help’ by Jamil Marefatian and ‘The Gentle Giant’ by Kioumars Mohammad Chenari.
The last film on the list is Soudabeh Kamrani’s ‘Sleepless’ which was announced earlier in an ifilm report.
The 2020 special edition of Zeitimplus Shortfilm festival showcases the short films that have been in the time of Coronavirus pandemic. The fest aims at taking advantage of this time for "Change, for creativity and for further development”, as stated in the official website of the event.
The ongoing edition of the fest kicked off on June 22 and it will wrap up on June 27, 2020.