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Publish Date : 10 December 2019 - 21:54
Senior Advisor to IRGC Commander:

Iran to Flatten Tel Aviv If Zionists Make a Mistake

TEHRAN (Dispatches) – General Morteza Qorbani, a senior adviser to chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) General Hussein Salami, warned the occupying regime of Israel Tuesday that any mistake on its side will bring about a severe response from the Islamic Republic.
"If Israel makes a mistake, even if it is the smallest one, against Iran, we will flatten Tel Aviv into dirt from Lebanon,” Qorbani said.
"Iran does not aspire to possess nuclear weapons, and Israel is too small to make a mistake with us,” he said.
"Our fighters’ fingers are on the trigger on the order of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei. If the Leader gives an order to attack Israel with missiles - the Zionists will raise their hands and surrender,” Qorbani said.
The warning came after Zionist foreign minister Yisrael Katz was quoted by the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera on Saturday as saying that "an Israeli attack on Iran is an existing possibility that is under discussion”.
"If Iran crosses the ‘red line’, it will discover a uniform front between Saudi Arabia, UAE and the United States, which will launch hundreds of Tomahawk missiles at Tehran,” he said.
On Sunday, the occupying regime’s war minister Naftali Bennett warned against what he called Iran’s continued presence in Syria, saying Tel Aviv would prevent the establishment of a stable Iranian military presence in the Arab country.
"It is no secret that Iran is trying to establish a ring of fire around” Israel, Bennett said at a conference. "We say to Iran: Syria will become your Vietnam.”
The aggressive rhetoric heats up as the occupying regime of Israel finds itself on the verge of a third election in less than a year unless politicians can put aside differences and form a coalition by midnight Wednesday.
In this drawn-out campaign season, Zionist leaders have been eager to demonstrate a willingness to confront the regime’s enemies.
Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Monday dismissed recent harsh rhetoric by the occupying regime of Israel’s leaders against Tehran, including their threat of a possible bombing, as a sign of "weakness and impotence”.
Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi told reporters in Tehran that the Islamic Republic will respond "with a crushing blow” to "any aggression or foolhardy action” to make the perpetrator regret it.