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Publish Date : 24 August 2019 - 22:06
Economy Showing Signs of Improvement
TEHRAN (Dispatches) – Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday hit out at the "amateur” U.S. administration for causing trouble for the Iranian people, saying the Islamic Republic will disappoint the enemies and foil their plots.
Rouhani and his cabinet members attended a ceremony at the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini south of Tehran on Saturday to pay tribute to the late founder of the Islamic Republic and renew allegiance to his ideals.
Speaking after the ceremony, Rouhani highlighted his administration’s resolve to improve ties with other countries despite U.S. efforts to obstruct them.
The president hailed national unity as key to withstanding hardships amid U.S.-imposed sanctions on the country.
"Without doubt we will get through this historic chapter through unity between the government and the people,” Rouhani said. 
He made the speech on the advent of Iran’s "Government Week”, attending a ceremony along with his cabinet to pay respects to Imam Khomeini.
Every year starting on August 23, Iran marks Government Week commemorating the late President Muhammad Ali Rajaei and Prime Minister Muhammad Javad Bahonar along with other government officials who were martyred in a terrorist MKO bombing in the capital on August 30, 1981.
Rouhani stressed that Iran’s enemies will cease attempting to undermine the country once they lose hope in their ambitions.
"The enemy’s loss of hope is our great objective. For our nation to gain hope in its future is, however, another and more important goal. As long as this hope endures, this path will also be carried on,” he said.
Referring to anti-Iran sanctions imposed by Washington after the Trump administration withdrew from the multilateral 2015 Iran nuclear deal last year, Rouhani stressed that "unity, endeavor and resistance is what will render the enemy hopeless.”
Rouhani said Iran has striven to achieve good relations with countries of the "east and west”, yet Trump’s "amateur” government has created much trouble for the people of Iran, the region and the U.S.
The president added that despite Washington’s "increased pressure targeting the Iranian population over the past year”, he believes the country’s situation is showing signs of improvement.
"A recent bimonthly report along with statistics released yesterday by the Statistical Center of Iran reported that monthly inflation has decreased compared to previous months,” he said.
The Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Abdolnasser Hemmati said on Saturday the value of the Iranian currency rial has been strengthened by 40 percent during recent months.
The recovery comes on the backdrop of a sharp devaluation of Iran’s rial last year. when the rate of exchange for every U.S. dollar rose from 55,000 rials in March 2018 to up to around 180,000 rials in September.
Hemmati said the rial’s recovery started just when full U.S. sanctions kicked in.
"During the past eight months, our national currency has regained its value by 40 percent and currently, we are in control of the foreign exchange rates and the market is relatively stable."
The Statistical Centre of Iran (SCI) also said inflation is slowing for the first time since more than a year.
SCI chief Javad Husseinzadeh said on Saturday that point-to-point inflation rate for the Persian calendar month ending August 22 declined to 41.6 percent, down from 48 percent in the previous month.
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