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Publish Date : 21 June 2019 - 22:31

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
What would be the reaction of the US if the naval forces of any country appear menacingly in its coastal waters or the military and reconnaissance aircraft were to violate American airspace?
"Blasting the intruder(s) to bits without any warning”, would be the prompt answer followed by documented justification of such a response.
In the early hours of Thursday, Iran had no other choice when an unmanned spy aircraft of the American intruders in the Persian Gulf stealthily entered Iranian coastal waters, but to down it with a precision missile, albeit after several warnings that were ignored by the highly advanced RQ-4A Global Hawk.
Say, if a similar drone, for instance from Venezuela, were to be sighted in the Gulf of Mexico in the US coastal waters, the Americans would start shooting from the hip without any second thought, while Iran, as per the teachings of Islam had the courtesy to warn the Americans several times, before taking logical action.
This highly ethical attitude of Iran becomes all the more important in view of the acts of incessant hostility by the US which over the past month, as a sequel to its economic terrorism against the Iranian people, has either directly or through proxies, sabotaged a total of six oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, and then indulged in a feverish propaganda campaign to blame Iran for its own acts of marine terrorism.
Moreover, the Iranian defence personnel refrained from targeting a second US spy plane trailing the drone, since it had personnel on board, and the Islamic Republic didn’t want to endanger the life of the hapless American personnel being pushed to their unnecessary death by their roguish administration.
Anyway, the downing of the drone was the most logical, justified, decisive, and rational response by Iran’s ever-alert guardians of the frontiers carrying out their round-the-clock duties.
Independent military observers have been quick to note Iran’s ability to target and destroy the high-altitude US drone, which was developed to evade the very surface-to-air missiles that brought it down. They say this has surprised American Defense Department officials, who are now in a state of shock and are wondering how difficult Tehran can make things for Washington, whose false flags operations of the past month have trapped it in a critical situation.
It is obvious the US has painted itself into a corner, as is evident by the display of the wreckage in Tehran after it was retrieved in Iranian coastal waters off the Kouh-e Mobarak area of Hormozgan Province. This has nailed the American lie, after initial denial that no drone was downed that its aircraft was in international airspace when shot down by Iran.
Soon the devilish American habit of uttering untruth all the time will be further exposed as the dedicated Iranian divers are in the process of recovering the heavy parts of the giant RQ-4A Global Hawk from the depths of the Strait of Hormuz – of course within Iran’s 12 km nautical coastline.
Iran has notified to the UN by Iran’s envoy at the World Body with documented proofs of the precise coordinates, saying: "The US unmanned aircraft, taking off from a base of the US military forces on the southern shores of the Persian Gulf, conducted over flight through the Strait of Hormuz to Chabahar port (on the Gulf of Oman) in a full stealth mode as it had turned off its identification equipment and engaged in a clear spying operation.”
Even conscientious US officials are beginning to question Donald Trump’s suicidal course against Iran. For instance, House Representative Jackie Speier (Democrat from Californian) on Thursday charged the Trump administration of provoking Iran’s government and attempting to draw the US into war.
In an interview with CNN’s "New Day,” she said: "The actions by this administration are so provocative that they are creating an environment that will destine us to go to war. There are many of us, in fact I would say a majority of the members of the House right now, that would really be repelled by any act of war, but that’s where the president is heading.”
Speier added: "We are provoking them; we are taunting them; and it is not in the interest of the American people; nor our service members to be going into a war that is not required.”
In view of these facts, the international community should identify the US as the culprit for its attempts to destabilize the peace and security of not just the Persian Gulf but all of West Asia through the CENTCOM terrorists, who will be returning home in body bags, if they make the slightest mistake against Iran.

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