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Publish Date : 08 October 2014 - 20:12
DAMASCUS (Dispatches) – The Takfiri ISIL terrorists are teaching Saudi textbooks at schools in territories under their control in Syria and neighboring Iraq, a new report says.
According to Fouad J Kadhem, a researcher at the Centre for Islamic Shia Studies in London, the ISIL terrorist group and Wahhabi extremists in Saudi Arabia share the same ideology and the concrete proof is that Saudi school books are being taught in the areas held by the ISIL terrorists.
The remarks have been echoed by Patrick Cockburn, a columnist in the British daily The Independent.
"Education and religious policy – and the Wahhabi clergy – are widely blamed for spreading extremism.... Ordinary Saudis are best placed to judge the extent to which Wahabi ideology, the Wahabi clergy and the Saudi education system have contributed to the creation and growth of ISIL,” he wrote.
The ISIL terrorists have already annulled history, literature and Christianity courses in the Iraqi city of Mosul, situated some 400 kilometers (250 miles) northwest of the capital, Baghdad.
The Takfiris have released an education statement in Mosul that strictly bans any reference to the republics of Iraq or Syria, declares patriotic anthems and lyrics as a show of "polytheism and blasphemy," and orders that pictures which the ISIL deems inappropriate be ripped out of textbooks.
Moreover, the new guidelines emphasize that teachers must be segregated, with men teaching at boys' schools, and women teaching girls.
The ISIL terrorists have also threatened to use brutal force against those who do not abide by the new set of education rules.
"This announcement is binding. Anyone who acts against it will face punishment," the terrorist group has said.
A Mosul resident, who identified himself as Abu Hassan, and his fellow locals have opted for home schooling.
"They (ISIL terrorists) will brainwash them and contaminate their thoughts," he said.
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