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Publish Date : 09 February 2017 - 00:17

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    "The US cannot do a damn thing”.
     This is what that Sage of the Age, who delivered Iran from domestic despotism and foreign hegemony, had said with full confidence in Allah Almighty when the enemies of humanity who march in and out of the White House raved and ranted against the grassroots movement of the Iranian people.
      On Bahman 22 (February 10 this year) as the Islamic Revolution enters its 39th year after celebrating its 38th anniversary amidst millions-strong rallies in Tehran and other cities, the words of Imam Khomeini continue to ring in our ears:
     "Our Revolution was the explosion of light”.
     Thanks to the foresight of the Father of the Islamic Revolution, these rays of light have over the past 30-odd year continued their enlightening task in dispelling darkness from many of the countries in our region, despite the feverish attempts of the Great Satan and its devilish agents to try to stop them.  
      Today, as the lunatic fringe in Washington tightens its grip on the levers of power, the noble people of Iran who are celebrating the 38th Ten-Day-Dawn by renewing their pledge of allegiance to the ideals of the Late Imam and making a bonfire of the US and Zionist flags, have a message to deliver to the world people. They mean to say: The Great Satan is indeed at the end of its wit. It is bewildered.
       Irrespective of the insane hostility of the US regime towards Islam and the Iranian people, it is important to note that what drove out the armed-to-the-teeth US-backed dictator from Iran, what made Iranians victorious in the 8-year war Washington imposed upon them through Saddam of the repressive Ba’th minority regime of Baghdad, and what made the American invasion force miraculously crash in the desert sands of Tabas, was Divine Help.
      The keys to the success of the Islamic Revolution then, and the continued progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran now, in the face of threats and sanctions, is the Iranian people’s firm adherence to God’s Final Revelation to all mankind (the holy Qur’an), to the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and to the Seerah of the Infallible Imams.
      Without the least doubt, this is proof of the invincibility of the Islamic Revolution, which no lunatic, fanatic, and heretic, could undermine, as is evident by the disgraceful failures of such elements in our region and beyond.
      No wonder, by unifying the people through their historical connection to Islam, the revolution in Iran stands apart from the French, Russian and Chinese revolutions.
       To be more precise, it could be called a logical conclusion to a historical trend that began in the sixteenth century when Iranians overwhelmingly embraced the Shi’a Islamic school of theology. So while the French, Russian and Chinese revolutions were marked by a radical departure from their goals and objectives, the Islamic Revolution in Iran was distinguished by a culmination of four centuries of inseparable affiliation between Iranians and the dynamism of the School of jurisprudence of Imam Ja’far as-Sadeq (AS), which is indeed the Shari’ah of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) in its genuine and pristine form.
      It doesn’t mean, the Islamic Revolution is sectarian. If that was the case, it would not have attracted the attention and support of the Islamic movements of our Sunni brethren, such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad of Palestine, the Towhid Organization of Tripoli, Lebanon, the an-Nahdha of Tunisia, Popular Mobilization Units of Syria, and the Mujahideen of Afghanistan, such as Burhan od-Din Rabbani and Ahmad Shah Masoud of Afghanistan, in addition to several other organisations in Asia, Africa, and Europe.
      It is worth recalling that many of the self-acclaimed analysts and politicians had chuckled at the words of Imam Khomeini when he guided the Islamic Revolution to victory. They didn’t give him much chance of survival, let alone success. They thought he was day-dreaming.
       Today we can say with confidence that the confluence of social, economic and political factors have over time forged Iran into a powerful nation and a key regional player that cannot be ignored diplomatically or militarily.
       To sum up, Iran has advanced dramatically in the area of healthcare since 1979 and, as a result, not only has life expectancy risen from 55 to over 71, but also infant mortality has fallen over 70 percent. Iran’s health care system, known as Integrated Primary Health Care (IPHC), has been so successful, that doctors in the American state of Mississippi, the state with the highest poverty rates and poorest healthcare outcomes in the US, looked to Iran for help in designing a cost-effective healthcare system.
       Iran has also done a better job of expanding the non-oil sector than neighbouring petroleum exporting countries. In the face of the US-imposed economic sanctions, Iran has managed to become self-sufficient in a number of critical industries such as steel, copper, paper and cement. Iran also produces a wide range of industrial equipment, including pumps, compressors, piping and related components for its petrochemical industries, as well as electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications devices. With the largest stocks of industrial robots in the region, Iran has also become an exporter of automobiles, in addition to becoming a peaceful nuclear power, now exploring outer space and other fields of modern science.
      Most important, and perhaps most impressive, is the striking reduction in poverty. According to data from the World Bank, less than 2 percent of Iranians are living in poverty, a lower percentage than most other large-population middle income countries, including Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa, Turkey and Venezuela.
     Finally, there is the fact that Iranian women are far ahead of their counterparts in other Persian Gulf nations socially, politically, educationally and health-wise.  Governmental policies, again stemming from the principles of the Islamic Revolution, support women by granting them six months paid maternity leave plus an extra hour of paid leave per day for eighteen months, maternity benefits that exceed International Labor Organization standards not to mention those in the US and other Western countries.
      Can such a great Islamic nation be cowed down by lunatics, fanatics, and heretics?

Felicitations on the 38th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution

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