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Publish Date : 10 July 2024 - 22:25

Axis of Resistance Asserts Dominance

SANAA (Dispatches) -- Yemen’s naval forces and missile units have carried out three operations against vessels linked to the U.S. and Israel off the nation’s coast, in solidarity with Palestinians amid the ongoing Israeli onslaught on Gaza, the spokesman for the Yemeni armed forces has said.
Brigadier General Yahya Saree said the country’s forces targeted the American Maersk Sentosa container ship in the Arabian Sea with several ballistic and winged missiles.
Sarea said Yemeni naval units targeted the Marathopolis ship in the Arabian Sea, and the MSC Patnaree ship in the Gulf of Aden with a number of drones.
He stressed that the three operations achieved their goals successfully, and the hits were direct and accurate.
Saree noted that his country’s forces will continue their anti-Israel operations until a permanent ceasefire is enforced in Gaza, and all restrictions on supplies of humanitarian aid for its residents are lifted.
He also said Yemeni military forces are fully prepared for action against any party that would support Israel, and would supply the United States and the Tel Aviv regime with munitions for strikes against the Arab nation.
Yemenis have declared their open support for Palestine’s struggle against the Israeli occupation since the regime launched a devastating war on Gaza on October 7. 
Yemeni armed forces have said that they won’t stop their attacks until the Israeli invasion of Gaza comes to an end.
Other resistance groups in the region, including in Iraq and Lebanon, have joined the battle to target Zionist interests in solidarity with the Palestinian people. 
On Tuesday, Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said the resistance movements in Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq will not back down and will not “abandon our responsibility”.
Speaking in Beirut, Nasrallah said: “The fronts of support in Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq, and the political support such as Syria and Iran, are an image that brings joy contrasted with a sad image of the positions of the Arab and Islamic world towards Gaza.”
“For weeks, aid has not entered Gaza and it is at risk of the spread of famine, epidemics and diseases. Can this reality continue in Gaza?”
“The occupation army is the most immoral army, and its true nature is beginning to appear,” 

he added, continuing, “Every sane Muslim will be asked about Gaza. Is the Arab and Islamic world really unable to do anything to support Gaza?”
The secretary-general of Hezbollah said: “We believe that we are performing our duty… When we are threatened with war, we are not afraid, and we do not abandon our responsibility.”
Nasrallah stressed that “the resistance in Lebanon is continuing what it began on 8 October,” in reference to strikes against Israel in support of Palestinians in Gaza, “until we reach the goal that we aspire to on all support fronts. We cannot back down from our position and our fight in this battle.”
Nasrallah said Muslims have a duty to speak out against injustice, and resist oppression.
“Is it reasonable for this situation to persist?” Every Muslim needs to be questioned about their support for Gaza. Is it acceptable that Arab and Muslim nations are falling short on Gaza support?” Nasrallah said. 
“Where are the funds of Muslims being spent on while two million Muslims in Gaza are dying of hunger? For whom are battle tanks, warplanes, and other military gear being amassed?” 
He drew attention to the wicked nature of the Israeli military, stating that humanitarian aid supplies have not entered the Gaza Strip for weeks, which has led to a grave medical and humanitarian situation.
Hezbollah and Israel have been exchanging deadly fire since early October last year, shortly after the regime launched a genocidal aggression against the Gaza Strip following a surprise operation by the Palestinian Hamas resistance group.
The Lebanese resistance movement has vowed to keep up its retaliatory attacks as long as the Tel Aviv regime continues its Gaza war.