News ID: 129293
Publish Date : 10 July 2024 - 22:24

Israel Intensifies Farmland Terrorism in the West Bank

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

While the carnage continues in Gaza on a genocidal scale, along with the destruction of its agriculture and deliberate pollution of water resources, the illegitimate Zionist entity has now intensified its scorched earth policy in the West Bank.
As part of its plans to seize more Palestinian lands for building of townships to house the illegal non-Semitic Zionist migrants from Europe and North America, Usurper Israel is razing to the ground Arab localities and turning the native people homeless in their own ancestral lands.
Despite denunciation from the UN for its expansionist projects, Israel with the support of the US is pressing ahead with annexation of more Palestinian lands.
For instance, construction has begun of a road west of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, where the illegal Zionist immigrants, under the protection of the Israeli army, have set fires to Palestinian crops, especially in Husan village.
According to reports, the illegal Zionist migrants have also began excavation of land near the Sidi Bo’az colony, where since 2017 Palestinian farmers are killed in an organized manner. 
Any bid by the Zionists to encroach upon the West Bank is illegal under international law and a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, since these townships lead to the displacement of Palestinian communities, the expropriation of land, and frequent conflicts. 
Moreover, the presence of these rowdies leads to a cycle of violence against the Palestinians. Recently in the Dhahr al-Abed village, west of Jenin, a group of illegal Zionist migrants set fire to a farmhouse and an olive tree grove, while near Ramallah, these thugs cut down a grove of olive trees on Palestinian farmland.
Last month, a group of Zionist miscreants burned Palestinian crops near the town of Asira al-Qibliya, south of Nablus, and raised the Israeli flag after seizing the land.
The practice of burning Palestinian crops known as “farm warfare” has so far destroyed 57 percent of the once thriving agricultural lands.
This farmland terrorism leaves Palestinians with little economic stability or reprieve, beholden to the tyrannical Zionist entity’s mercy or help from aid groups around the world. 
It is worth recalling that in 2022, Gaza had exported $44.6 million worth of agriculture produce to the West Bank, while now it is in total ruin because of the holocaust imposed upon it by the Zionist entity in collaboration with the US.
In short, with Gaza destroyed, Usurper Israel has now turned its destructive attention towards the West Bank, and in complicity with the illegal Zionist migrants from North America and Europe, is indulging in crimes against humanity on a gigantic scale.