News ID: 129289
Publish Date : 10 July 2024 - 22:22
Gen. Salami Hails Expansion of Resistance in the Region

‘If Necessary, Iran Will Draw the Sword to Support Muslims’

TEHRAN -- Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hussein Salami said here Wednesday the resistance has significantly expanded in Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine.
Addressing an event on the role of the resistance in the region, Salami said the Zionist regime is under fire from Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine.
He said Yemen has proudly blocked the route for supporters of the Zionist regime in the Red Sea.
Referring to Iran’s Operation True Promise, General Salami emphasized the active role of Iran in supporting the resistance, noting that if necessary, the Islamic Republic would take direct action.
“The Islamic Republic of Iran is a refuge for all Muslims. It doesn’t matter whether they are in the heart of the Islamic establishment or in our neighborhood. 
“Our action is based on the geography of our faith. If Muslims are in danger in this geography, we will take action and do not allow the world arrogance to oppress them,” he said.
Gen. Salami said, “We also think about the oppressed of the world because the orbit of oppression is wide.”
The IRGC chief said Operation True Promise was a manifestation of the fact that if the situation demands it, Iran will act.
“It is not like we sit back and let others act; if necessary we will support them and draw the sword ourselves, the honor of Muslims is more important than anything else.” 
Gen. Salami said Jihad is the way to the dignity and freedom of Muslims, which is not possible without the unity and connection of hearts.
“The enemy wants to alienate us from each other and after destroying one nation, they will go to another nation. They will continue this until they dominate the Muslims of the world.
“But this is not possible and Muslims have woken up and become aware of the hidden policies of the enemies. We have a leader who knows the enemy and believes in the truth of the divine power.”
General Salami said unity shown in the sacrifice of Martyr Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and Martyr Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani reflects the unifying nature of Islam, transcending geographical and national boundaries.