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Publish Date : 21 June 2024 - 22:15

The Astronomical Figures of Zionist Casualties

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The Zionist entity has admitted that the number of disabled soldiers in its army has reached the 70,000 mark of whom 8,663 are casualties of the ongoing 8-month genocide in Gaza.
As usual, usurper Israel is not telling the truth and is only referring to the tip of the iceberg, since according to reliable sources the actual casualty toll is three to four times higher.
The report by Israel’s ministry of war said that 35% of those wounded since the start of the Gaza massacre are struggling with mental health conditions, while 21% have sustained physical injuries.
It also said that approximately 20,000 additional injured soldiers might increase the number of the disabled to 90,000 by the end of 2024 in view of the ongoing conflict.
It has been revealed that some 40% of the individuals who will be admitted by year-end experience a range of psychological problems, such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, adaptation and communication difficulties, etc.
Of these, 20% of Israeli soldiers are afflicted with mental diseases and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
This is also not the whole truth. The Zionists are notorious for their lies. They hide the facts of their fatalities and casualties, while inflating their so-called successes on the battlefields.
It is worth noting that on June 7, 2024, an Israeli military soldier named Eliran Mizrahi took his own life, after being ordered to return to the war theatre while suffering from PTSD and two injuries.
He was not the lone case of such suicides that have dramatically increased amongst the demoralized Israeli armed forces. 
A recent study by researchers said in March that over half a million of Israelis are at risk of developing PTSD in the aftermath of the Gaza genocide.
All these developments point to the inability of Israel to confront the Axis of Resistance in spite of the constant flow of lethal arms worth hundreds of billions of dollars from the US.
The Zionists may be experts at the killing of defencless women and children but they are helpless in the face of counter attacks and the spirit of resistance.
The death toll of the Palestinians in Gaza is nearing the 40,000 mark but the dastardly Israelis have no intention to halt the massacre of the innocents.
Their comrades-in-crimes against humanity is the brutal regime in the US of Genocidal Joe or Biden the Butcher, who is thrilled at the holocaust in Gaza.
That is the reason the illegal Zionist entity pays scant regard to the UN Security Council resolutions calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities.
It also continues to defy the International Court of Justice’s order to halt the invasion of Rafah and implement measures to prevent genocide amid the dire humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip.
Such a situation will definitely not last long, and all indicators suggest the fast approaching end of Israel.