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Publish Date : 20 April 2024 - 22:37

US Complicity in Zionist Crimes Against Humanity

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The unending flow of lethal US weapons to Israel, to the tune of 14 billion dollars over the past six months alone, to bomb so far over 34,000 civilians to death in Gaza and seriously injure some 80,000 others (many of them disabled for life), in addition to reducing to rubble the entire infrastructure of the barely 41 km long sliver, is only the tip of the iceberg of American complicity in the crimes against humanity of the illegal Zionist entity.
It has recently been revealed that the successive regimes in Washington, whether Democrat or Republican, have channeled to Israel since its illegitimate birth on Palestinian soil in 1948 a staggering 300 billion dollars of the US tax payers’ hard-earned money for the continued genocide of an entire nation.
In other words, every person detained, tortured, or killed (both Muslim and Christian) in the usurped land of Palestine over the past 76 years, is actually the victim of the US first, and then of the barbaric Zionist occupiers.
This is ample proof that without US support Israel would have long ceased to exist in Palestine, the non-Semitic east European claimants to Judaism would have fled to their own countries by now, and Palestinians would have regained possession of their ancestral land.
Further scrutiny reveals that besides the Palestinians who have borne the brunt of the American bullets and bombs used by the Zionists over the past seven-and-a-half decades, thousands of Egyptians, Syrians, Jordanians, and Lebanese killed by Israel during its wars of 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973 were also the victims of US arms and ammunitions.
If over the past half-a-century Egyptians and Jordanians have been bullied into silence and spared the death and destruction by the Zionist entity’s use of US bombs and bullets, the people of Syria and Lebanon continue to be targets of the misuse of the American taxpayers’ money, because of their spirit of resistance against Israel’s occupation of parts of their lands.
Emboldened by Washington’s unbridled military and economic aid, the Zionist entity has expanded its killings of the innocents, to include Iranian citizens, as is evident by the events of the recent past, including the martyrdom attained by some Iranian scientists.
Of course, US aid, US weapons, US money, the US intelligence network, was used by Israel to target and undiplomatically kill the officials and citizens of the Islamic Republic.
The Americans and the Zionist might feel proud of their holocaust in Palestine and their terrorism against other nations, but they should know that their crimes against humanity will terribly boomerang.
Israel will certainly be wiped off the map of West Asia and the US definitely withdraw its occupation bases from our neighbourhood, but the squandering of all these hundreds of billions of dollars of the US tax payers’ money will not be able to save the US from losing its big power status and reduced to an ordinary state or a fragmented group of countries confined to North American alone.