News ID: 126318
Publish Date : 16 April 2024 - 22:04

Iran Fully Prepared for any Eventuality

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff
The Islamic Republic of Iran whose vengeance against the murderous occupiers of Palestine was aptly code-named “Wa’da’e Sadeq” or “True Promise”, is well aware of the satanic inclinations of its enemies, and thus fully prepared to answer any devilish move by them.
The illegal Zionist entity cannot be trusted. As long as it exists it will continue to be the source of mischief, wars, bloodshed, destruction, and misery of the people of the region, including those which it has deceived to enter into diplomatic relations with it, or is trying to seduce others to normalize ties with it.
This means, neither usurper Israel should be trusted even if it utters any conciliatory word, nor should be its terrorist backers trusted, for anything they say or any guarantee they give on its behalf.
All of them are a bunch of despicable liars trying to deceive through sweet talk those they dare not confront, and in case of any confrontation will suffer heavy casualties, humiliation, and, of course, defeat.
Since the Zionists and the regimes that support them are Godless elements, the faithful, whether in Iran or anywhere in the region and the world, should be fully prepared to strongly respond in case of any mischief by these miscreants.
The genocide in Gaza is a glaring example of how these devilish hordes trample human rights and humanity, without having the least humanitarian feeling for even children and babies.  
In view of these facts, Iran, which last Sunday shattered the over-inflated invincibility of Israel, is indeed on full alert without dropping its guard for a single second, whether at home or in the region.
In other words, the Islamic Republic, with its faith in God, is fully prepared to meet any eventuality with decisive force not seen before.
Tehran only delivered a warning to Tel Aviv. Hopefully, it is heeded. If not, the vengeance against any mischief in the aftermath of “True Promise” will be terrible and not limited to military installations, some of which were saved by the intrusion of the Americans, the British, and the French – and not any ingenuity by Israel or its tin-shed called the iron dome.
The holocaust in Gaza should end, and the hypocrisy of the US should stop. The equations have now completely changed, which means the Americans should stop lying and start evacuation of their bases in Iraq and Syria – followed by withdrawal from other West Asian countries.
In short, real peace in our region will prevail only when Israel ceases to exist in our part of the world, and Washington should stop being a hindrance to the united efforts of the Axis of Resistance for the liberation of Palestine.