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Publish Date : 13 April 2024 - 21:41

Gaza Genocide Exposes Ugly Perpetrators as Vengeance Looms

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

If the holocaust in Gaza has blown off the fig leaf of human rights to expose the West European-North American regimes as comrades-in-crimes of the illegal Zionist entity and unmasked US president, Joe Biden, as the most dirtiest and dastardly killer directing the genocide, it has also uncovered the treason of certain Arab rulers to the systematic slaughter of the Palestinian people.
The UN, which in 1948 had acted as midwife for the illegitimate birth of Israel following two decades of rape by Britain, continues to be averse to not just the birthrights but the right to life of the persecuted Palestinian people.
This is confirmed by a glance at the past seven-and-a-half decades of massacres (e.g. Deir Yassin), wars (1948, 1967, and 1973), constant flow of illegal migrants and townships for them on occupied lands, treacherous treaties (Camp David, Madrid, Oslo, Jericho, etc. to kill the notion of even a mini Palestinian state), and the Intefadhas of the Islamic movements for liberation of the usurped homeland.
The World Body, in gross violation of its own charter, failed to hail the heroic Operation Al-Aqsa Storm of last October 7.  And to pour salt on the wounds of the Palestinians it refuses to censure the crimes against humanity of the US in sending its navy and pouring in scores of billions of dollars of lethal weapons to aid and abet Israel’s unbridled terrorism in Gaza whose defenders are deprived of access to even rudimentary weapons.
The UN is also well aware that its lame protests and the recently passed much delayed toothless Security Council Resolution for ceasefire will never halt, let alone slow down the mass murder of the innocents that includes the Eid Fitr targeted killing of three sons and three grandsons of Resistance Leader, Ismael Hanniyeh – in a bid to force the Hamas liberation movement to accept a temporary lull in the daily bombing for release of some so-called Israeli hostages before resumption of more brutal attacks from all directions to wipe out all Gazans.
Moreover, the so-called World Body has not castigated the US and the UK for their unprovoked airstrikes on Yemen for its right to target Israeli-related shipping in the Red Sea, but instead calls the popular Ansarallah-led government as ‘rebels’ and tries to prevent the legitimate supply of basic means of defence to them.
Its Security Council neither castigates the Zionist entity’s daily attacks on Lebanon’s legendry anti-terrorist movement, the Hezbollah, nor denounces Israel’s frequent breaching of Syria’s sovereignty through bombs and missiles that earlier this month violated the diplomatic immunity of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s consulate, resulting in the martyrdom of seven prominent Iranian citizens.
Tehran will tellingly retaliate in vengeance for this dastardly act of US-directed terrorism. 
As a law-abiding member that has patiently endured the World Body’s indifference to the targeted killing of several of its scientists and defence personnel over the past years by the devilish Zionist-American duo it expects the UN to desist from any unwise move aimed at impending the implementing of justice.
The culprits should be decisively punished for the sake of salvation of human rights which Israel and its godfather – super terrorist US – are sadistically trampling upon through wars against all humanity.
In such a case ‘de-escalation’ means indifference to humanitarian values and the right for satanic forces to indulge in more brutal terrorism.
In the meantime, it is hoped the treasonous rulers would repent and rectify their wrong policy of betrayal of the movement for liberation of al-Aqsa and all of Palestine before it is too late to avert self-destruction, since none can escape the Wrath of the All-Merciful God towards hypocrites and traitors.