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Publish Date : 07 April 2024 - 22:16

Leader’s Aide: None of Zionist Embassies Safe Anymore

TEHRAN -- A top Iranian 
military adviser on Sunday warned Israel that none of its embassies were safe following last week’s strike by the occupying regime in Damascus that martyred two Iranian generals along with five other officers.  
The remarks by Gen. Rahim Safavi, a military adviser to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, signaled that the attack on a diplomatic mission could be met with a similar response.  
“None of the embassies of the Zionist regime are safe anymore,” Safavi said. He spoke at a ceremony in Tehran for the generals martyred in the strike that flattened an Iranian consular building.
The Zionist regime, he said, has so far closed down 28 of its embassies out of fear.
On Sunday, Israel’s military announced it was drawing back forces from the 98th paratroopers division who had been operating in the area of Khan Younis in southern Gaza, bringing Zionist troop levels in Gaza to some of the lowest levels since the war began.  
 Rahim Safavi, a former chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, further said that Israeli settlers are living in fear due to the reckless attack on Iran’s consulate.
“They dream of dying every night and they are the most fearful creatures,” he said. 
Parliament speaker Muhammad Bagher Ghalibaf said the era of Israel’s US-backed bullying in West Asia is over and the Zionist regime is heading to its demise.
“By targeting Iran’s consulate in Syria, the usurping Zionist enemy once again proved that it knows no boundaries in crimes and that it is so dishonorable and hated in the world that openly violates all international regulations,” he said.
“The era of bullying and saber-rattling by the Zionists in the region with the support of the United States has ended. Their actions show that they have heard the smell of their demise and elimination after the October 7 operation,” he added, referring to the historic raid conducted by the Palestinian Hamas resistance group against Israel.
Ghalibaf said the Iranian nation will mete out an “instructive and harsh” punishment to Israel that will hasten its decline.
“The more crimes the Zionist regime commits, the weaker it becomes … making the resistance more determined and motivated against itself,” he said.