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Publish Date : 12 February 2024 - 21:53
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
These days in 1979 when the Iranian people, led by that Sage of the Age, Imam Khomeini (RA), and relying solely on God Almighty, transformed the country into a truly independent state based on motto “Neither East nor West, Islam is the Best”, Muslim masses and the oppressed people all over the world, hailed it as the beginning of the end of godless communism and the equally ungodly capitalism.
The US was made with rage at Iran’s expulsion of the 50,000 Americans and the fears of the spread of the Islamic Revolution to neighbouring lands, most of which were clients of Washington.
The USSR was also scared of the prospects of the impact of the Iranian people’s grassroots Islamic movement on the Caucasus and Central Asia where millions of Muslims lived in Soviet bondage, deprived of the freedom to practice their religion.
The regimes of West Europe, especially of Britain (which for over a century was the virtual power behind the Peacock Throne), were furious at Iran’s emergence as a republic based on spiritual values with its message of liberation for the people of occupied lands, in particular the Palestinians – either living as suppressed subjects of the East European Zionist usurpers of their homeland or as refugees in neighbouring countries.
If the US played on the fears of the unrepresentative Arab regimes by depicting the Islamic Republic of Iran as a threat to their survival, the USSR made the fatal error of invading Afghanistan.
Finally in September 1980, a few months after the airborne US invasion force perished in the sands of Tabas, these powers and their rich clients joined together to push Saddam of the repressive Ba’th minority regime of Baghdad to launch a destructive war on Iran by supplying him the latest military hardware in the hope of toppling the Islamic system of government.
They miserably failed in spite of their dragging of Saddam’s self-defeatist war for eight long years, which the Father of the Islamic Revolution hailed as a blessing-in-disguise and an opportunity for sanctions-hit Iran to develop its own industries, including means of defence without relying on any foreign power and by tapping the latent talents of the dedicated Iranian people.
Today, the whole scenario is completely changed. Iraq is no long a dictatorship but is an independent country determined to kick out the remnants of the occupier American forces that had invaded it twenty years ago.
Afghanistan was never Sovietized and the US which occupied it in 2001 left in disgrace some two years earlier.
Russia, which following the disintegration of the Soviet Union granted Central Asian and Caucasus countries to secede as independent states and rediscover their Islamic roots, is today an ally of the Islamic Republic in the struggle against the hegemony of the West.
The rich Arab states as well as Egypt have longed overcome their undue hostility to Islamic Iran, and it is only a matter of time for them to summon up the courage to demand the closure of US military bases on their soil, in view of the genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza by the illegal Zionist entity with the open support of Washington.
The people of Yemen and Lebanon have showed to the world their ingenuity and prowess in scaring the daylights out of the US terrorists and the Zionist criminals,    
As for Turkey, it is no longer ruled by the pro-West Kemalist generals and has rediscovered its Islamic heritage, while Pakistan to our east is among the countries where the US hegemon is intensely hated.
The winner is obvious. It is the Iranian people and their Islamic system of government, with its positive influence on the people, movements, and governments of the region and beyond (as far as Latin America) that is on the verge of cleaning from the region the cobweb called Israel.  


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