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Publish Date : 09 December 2023 - 22:12

The US Signs its Own Death Sentence

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

What could one expect of barbarians except brutalities and bloodletting!
True to its satanic nature the US once again vetoed a UN Security Council Resolution which if passed, as voted by 13 of the 15 members of the body, could have led to ceasefire and end of the ongoing genocide in Gaza.
Senile but still sadistically thirsting for the blood of the innocents, Joe Biden, the head of the roguish regime in Washington where foreign policy is handled by the bestial Antony Blinken (a dyed-in-the-wool Zionist) and military matters by the uncouth Lloyd Austin (who despite his slavish attitude is ridiculed as no more than a ‘Nigger’ by Israel), shocked the civilized world by killing the call for truce that was drafted on the UN Secretary-General’s invoking of the rarely used Article 99 of the World Body’s Charter for immediate end of the two-month long carnage.
Antonio Guterres, a seasoned Portuguese diplomat, could do nothing in response to the veto of the inhuman Americans, except to rub his hands in disgust and repeat that the situation in Gaza is “catastrophic” – with justified fears of the crisis spiraling out of control to embroil more parties and lead to torrents of blood.
In contrast, Biden, Blinken, and Austin were overjoyed at the sharply rising figures of over 18,000 dead civilians, of whom more than 60 percent are children and women, especially after child-killer Benjamin Netanyahu thanked them for providing lethal weapons to destroy whatever buildings are left intact in Gaza and the permission to mercilessly bomb refugees and relief convoys as well, after having razed to the ground hospitals, schools, mosques, churches, and UN centres.
The enormity of heartlessness of the US Chief Executive and his Foreign and War Secretaries whose blind servitude to Israel’s atrocities are opposed by their own staff members alarmed at the permanent damage done to national interests on the international scene, has even made the unrepresentative Arab regimes clinging to the American apron for survival condemn the Zionist entity’s war crimes – not out of any sympathy for the persecuted Palestinians, but for exposure as traitors to Islam when the Resistance Front has actively rallied to the support of the Gazans.
They are dead scared that their overlord has pushed them into such a dreadful situation where there is no guarantee when their politically-suffocated masses may burst into open revolt or their tightly-controlled militaries may decide that there is no other option now but coups (supported by the public) to throw off the US-Israeli yoke and make common cause with the Palestinian brethren.
The more so, when people all over the world, including the West, where some of the worst anti-people regimes rule the roost (e.g. France, Britain, Germany, and Italy), have unfurled the Palestinian flag, called for liberation of Palestine from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea, and the trial of the terrorists in Tel Aviv.
In other words, masses in the Americas and Europe have begun to hate the US for its complicity in the crimes against humanity of the Zionist entity.
They view the US as no more than a brutal military power, always on the wrong side and destabilizing the world through its naked display of warplanes and warships, not just in West Asia but all over the globe, ranging from Ukraine in Europe to the coasts of China in the Pacific, with a vampire-like thirst for sucking more and more human blood.
Except for tyrants, criminal-minded regimes, and puppets on the CIA’s payroll no sane human beings have ever seen the so-called White House’s policies as peaceful, positive, and progressive.
In short, it is now proven beyond an iota of doubt that the US is more tyrannical than all the bloodthirsty empires of history which eventually collapsed and more ignorantly arrogant than any of them.
For the moment, with Biden’s green signal the Zionists may slaughter many more thousand Palestinians, but as all indicators point out, especially after vetoing of the latest UN Security Council’s draft resolution which is tantamount to the US signing its own death sentence, the time is fast approaching when Divine Wrath erases it forever shortly after Israel is erased from the world map.