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Publish Date : 02 December 2023 - 22:00

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

Even as usurper Israel resumed its barbaric bombing of Gaza after a 7-day cease to massacre more civilians, especially children, and cause further damage to the fragile atmosphere and environment through use of phosphorous and other anti-climate weapons, the UAE, despite its claim to be an Arab-Muslim state felt no inhibitions in hosting and toasting the head of the child-killing regime at the COP 28 (Climate Change Conference) in Dubai.
War criminal Isaac Herzog, the son of the notorious Zionist terrorist Chaim Herzog, was warmly embraced by the UAE president and other senior officials as a deliberate affront to the persecuted Palestinian people, thereby raising political temperatures and damaging the climate of Islamic solidarity at a conference that is supposed to check the rise of global temperatures and climatic changes.
Observers were quick to point out that the presence of a 28-member Zionist team in Dubai Expo is actually a reward from an Arab state for the genocide of fellow Arabs in Gaza.
“Hypocrisy”, “treason”, “backstabbing”, “gross ignorance”, “stupidity”, and “slavish subservience to the terrorist-in-chief US”, were some of the words used by various media networks regarding the invitation by the UAE to the illegitimate Zionist entity, which has permanently polluted the cultural and geographical climate of not just the region, but the whole world.
It was in view of this fact that President Hojjat al-Islam Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi, while thanking the UAE for its invitation to the UN-sponsored summit, politely declined to attend it.
He had deputed Energy Minister Ali Akbar Mehrabian to lead the Iranian delegation, which on Friday decided to leave the conference and return to Tehran in protest to the pollution of the atmosphere in Dubai with the arrival of the butcher Herzog.
Before leaving the UAE, Mehrabian said: “Iran regards the unwarranted presence of the fake Zionist regime in the climate change summit, which aims to evaluate the performance of the international community in facing climate change, as contrary to the objectives of this conference, and vacates the conference venue in protest.”
The Palestinian liberation movement, Hamas, felt betrayed by the UAE’s invitation to the Zionist child-killer at the COP28 meeting, especially at a time when the Zionist occupiers of Palestine were committing untold massacres in Gaza.
It said that instead of providing the “criminal” Herzog with a platform, the conference should have boycotted the regime and held Herzog and other Israeli ringleaders accountable to the heinous crimes perpetrated against defenseless civilians in Gaza.
Yemen’s national salvation government also lashed out at the UAE for hosting Herzog, saying this emboldens the illegal Zionist entity to commit even more acts of massacre against the Palestinian people.
According Ansarallah Spokesman, Muhammad Abdus-Salaam, “conferences should be held to address Israeli atrocities, which have polluted the humanitarian climate.”
It is rather unfortunate of certain Arab and non-Arab Muslim states to ignore the carnage of Palestinians in Gaza and continue to worship at the US-Zionist altar, even when millions of conscientious non-Muslim masses around the world are denouncing Zionism, calling for bringing to justice Israeli war criminals, and demanding:
“Palestine shall be free, from the River (Jordan) to the (Mediterranean) Sea.”

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