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Publish Date : 24 September 2023 - 22:05

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The illegal Zionist entity is the source of all evil and despite its intricate acts of terrorism, whether in Occupied Palestine or whether in Syria, Lebanon, and other countries, it will definitely vanish from the map of world, sooner than analysts have predicted.
Not a day passes when Usurper Israel merciless kills Palestinians, razes their homes and hearths, imprisons and tortures – often to death – even under-aged children, and threatens the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Emboldened by the support of the godfather of all terrorism, the US, and the silence of the powerless UN, it continues its genocide of the innocent in Palestine, and its prime minister of crime, Benjamin Netanyahu, threatened Iran from the podium of the World Body in New York with what he called “credible nuclear attack threat”.
Although this mass murderer will commit every conceivable act of terrorism – if he can do it – he is utterly incapable of carrying out any threat against the powerful Islamic Republic which in a few moments will reduce to rubble Tel Aviv and all Zionist cities and towns including the Dimona nuclear plant.
For this reason, after his speech, the official Israeli press quickly retracted the Child-Killer’s cowardly threat, saying it was misreading of the script written for him.
Nonetheless, Iran is well prepared to thwart any attempt by its sworn enemies, whether Israel or the US, to carry out threats, and has the power to turn the tables on the aggressors.
The fact that the Zionist entity is caught up in multi-layered crises inside Palestine that might speed up the implosion of Israel, should not make us ignore the evil of our enemies, whose latest plot to ignite 30 simultaneous explosions in Tehran in a single day, was foiled by the ever-alert Iranian intelligence forces.
The plotters were agents of the macabrely murderous anti-Islamic terrorist outfit called Daesh, who are the foot soldiers of the Zionists and their creator the US.
The lethal armaments seized from the terrorists, indicate Zionist initials, a fact which neither the US nor the UN can deny.
At any rate, this is a warning for some of our simple neighbours who have been duped into establishing diplomatic relations with the archenemy of Islam and Muslims, or are thinking of doing so.
The murderers of Palestinians cannot be the friends of any Arab country, and any wrong step will place the Zionist yoke on the neck of the unsuspecting regimes, more burdensome and agonizing than the Israeli halters placed on the Palestinian people.
Insha Allah (God Willing), Israel will soon be a thing of the past.

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