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Publish Date : 24 September 2023 - 21:37

WEST BANK (Dispatches) – At least two young Palestinian men have been martyred and several others injured after Zionist troops carried out a large-scale incursion into a refugee camp in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, medical sources say.
The official Palestinian news agency WAFA said violent clashes broke out early on Sunday after Zionist troops stormed Nur Shams camp, located three kilometers east of Tulkarm.
Health officials said 21-year-old Usaid Farhan Abu Ali Jabaawi and Abdulrahman Suleiman Abu Daghash, 32, were rushed to Martyr Dr. Thabet Thabet Government Hospital in Tulkarm with bullets in their heads.
They were pronounced dead shortly after arrival at the medical center, they said.
According to the report, the Zionist troops besieged the camp from all directions and fired live ammunition, stun grenades, and toxic gas.
Palestinian resistance fighters, in return, fired shots at the troops, detonated homemade bombs, and placed explosive devices in several roads and alleys to slow down the movement of armored Zionist vehicles, it added.
The report quoted witnesses as saying that Israeli troops fired several short-range Energa anti-tank rifle grenades at the camp square, seriously damaging it.
Zionist snipers were also deployed on rooftops, and bulldozers accompanying the forces tried to remove barriers set up at entrances to the camp, the report said.
Resistance fighters detonated a powerful explosive device close to one of the Israeli bulldozers, setting it ablaze, it added, saying according to eyewitnesses’ accounts an Israeli soldier inside the bulldozer was injured as a result.
The development came a day after a Palestinian teenager, Abdullah Emad Abu al-Hasan, 18, was shot and killed s during an assault on the village of Kafr Dan northwest of Jenin.
In another development, Zionist troops attacked Palestinian protesters in the besieged Gaza Strip, injuring more than 30 people.
The protesters gathered near the fence separating Gaza from the occupied territories on Friday. The regime’s military said its forces have conducted air attacks on the Gaza Strip.
The demonstrators expressed support for the Al-Aqsa mosque and the occupied West Bank, amid rising acts of violence committed by Zionist troops and settlers against Palestinians there.
They also voiced solidarity with Palestinians held in the occupying regime’s jails. Zionist troops used live ammunition and tear gas to disperse the protesters.
In response, the protesters launched incendiary balloons toward Israeli settlements near Gaza, causing fires.
Zionist troops then launched aerial and artillery attacks on resistance positions in eastern Gaza, injuring at least one Palestinian.
The military said a drone hit two military posts belonging to the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip.
Separately, an Israeli tank hit another military post, claiming that shots were fired from there towards Israeli troops confronting protesters.
The Hamas-affiliated radio station Aqsa said several people had been wounded in the strikes.
Palestinians in Gaza have been holding protests along the separation fence for days over the regime’s treatment of Palestinian prisoners and provocative visits by settlers to the Al-Aqsa mosque compound.

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