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Publish Date : 10 June 2023 - 21:35

CAIRO (Dispatches) – Following last week’s attack on the Egyptian border that killed three Zionist troops from the mixed-gender Bardelas Battalion, the occupying regime’s soldiers are refusing military services in the area, Walla news website revealed.
The soldiers, according to Walla, have several conditions, including the reduction of service hours from 12 to eight.
Last week, a 22-year-Egyptian gunman shot and killed three Zionist troops in two separate incidents while manning a guard post near the border between the occupied territories and Egypt, the military says.
Spokesman for the Israeli military Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari told reporters that two soldiers, one male and one female, began a guard shift together late on Friday at an army post.
After the soldiers did not answer calls on the radio, an officer reached the scene and discovered the pair lifeless.
Hours later, the third soldier was killed in a new exchange of gunfire in the area of the initial attack, as Zionist troops were searching for the suspected attacker.
A non-commissioned officer was lightly wounded during the clash with the attacker, the Israeli military said in a statement.
Hagari said the gunman, who was killed in the afternoon clash, was likely responsible for the deadly early morning attack.
The Bardelas Battalion, the occupying regime’s army website states, “maintains the security of the Arava Region, which stretches from the Dead Sea to Eilat.”
According to the Walla report, the soldiers said that they were unable to perform such long shifts under poor weather conditions.
Rabbis reported by Hebrew media saying that this incident proved that the mixed-gender brigade is useless, claiming that the male and female soldiers could not respond to the fire of the Egyptian soldier “due to the emotional situation they were involved in.”

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