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Publish Date : 09 June 2023 - 22:19

What We Know About Tafreshi-Duzi

TEHRAN -- In the heart of Iran’s Markazi province, lies the vibrant city of Tafresh where a remarkable traditional embroidery has developed into a unique handicraft named Tafreshi-Duzi.
This exceptional artistry was initially used to embellish decorative designs on clothes hems but became more popular due to its exquisite application on the robes and cloaks, iFilm reports.
This style of art stands out from other embroidery techniques in Iran by utilizing alluring, yet uncomplicated geometric patterns and is distinct from Tafreshi needlework.
The fabric edges are adorned with meticulously sewn, mesmerizing motifs that add a unique and visually stunning element to each design.
In Tafreshi handicrafts, fabric selection is crucial as it must perfectly coordinate with the wraps and wefts.
This detailed needlework involves a careful calculation of every warp and weft, as well as altering the fabric’s texture, making the material choice extremely important.
Sack fabrics are frequently favored by female artisans in Tafresh, owing to the easily identifiable weave and texture they offer, granting these skilled artisans the freedom to create without limitation.
The majority of patterns found in this craft are imaginative and purely geometric in nature, crafted entirely from the creator’s artistic vision.
The art of Tafreshi-Duzi finds its place in various realms of creativity, adorning the borders of packages, cushions, Chador-e Shab (night coverings), curtains, scarves, and skirts.
Step into the world of Tafreshi-Duzi, where the hands of skilled artisans bring forth intricate designs that weave tradition and creativity into every stitch.