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Publish Date : 06 June 2023 - 22:34

Homage to the Sage of the Age

Salaam dear young friends. Hopefully you are all fine by the Grace of God Almighty. Wish you lots of success in your endeavours.
We are on the threshold of summer as is evident by the rising temperatures in Tehran and several other areas of the country, although the northern parts are still experiencing the fading days of spring, with milder climate, especially in the mountainous regions.
Take care and don’t expose yourself to the scorching sun, especially at midday, when the weather is torrid. As a matter of fact, the Celsius all over the world has shot up, and the resulting climatic changes have affected even the polar caps, where icebergs are melting and for the first time bare and green soil has been observed in the Antarctic. Sea waters are rising, thereby threatening to submerge low-lying coastal areas.
Who is to blame for this catastrophe?
The answer is obvious. It is the modern man and his misuse of science and technology that is bringing about self-destruction. Industrialized nations are the major culprits, with their release of dangerous gasses into the atmosphere that is fast depleting the ozone layer which protects the Earth from the Sun’s purple rays.
Well friends, Saturday on June 4, the rendezvous of the faithful was the mausoleum of the Father of the Islamic Revolution. As our readers know, it was the 34th anniversary of the passing away of Imam Khomeini (RA) and as usual, millions of devotees, including many of you youngsters, converged at his resting place, to pay tributes to him, to reaffirm allegiance to his ideals, and to demonstrate to the world that the path charted out for Iran by that Sage of Age proceeds with full force.
The nation owes its might, its atmosphere of freedom, its peace and security, its cultural and political influence on the region and beyond, its technological and scientific progress in various fields, its mastering of the nuclear fuel cycle, its self-sufficiency in defence, its venture into outer space, and its steadfastness against the plots of Global Arrogance, to the Founder of the Islamic Republic.
Sunday’s commemoration ceremony, which was attended by scores of foreign dignitaries, was also covered by journalists from all over the world.
This massive gathering was addressed by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, who paid glowing tributes to the Founder of the Islamic Republic, and reaffirmed that Iran firmly treads the brilliant path he blazed for guidance of the nation, the Muslim Ummah and the world’s oppressed, in the absence of the Imam of the Age – the Prophet’s 12th and Last Infallible Heir.
Indeed, the speech has been widely described as a motivational lesson in history and politics that again brought to the fore high standards and determination of the Leader in standing tall against global hegemonic powers and firmly upholding the sacrosanct Islamic principles of justice and freedom.
Goodbye dear youngster and God bless you until we meet again.