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Publish Date : 05 June 2023 - 23:10

President: Iran a Major Player in New World Order

TEHRAN -- President Ebrahim Raisi on Monday called for greater cultural work to elucidate the root causes and motives behind a popular 1963 uprising against a U.S.-installed brutal dictator that culminated in the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.
During a meeting with officials from the National Congress on Commemoration of the 15 Khordad uprising in Varamin city, President Raisi called on state authorities to remind the public about the atrocities and crimes perpetrated by the then Pahlavi regime.
He aid services rendered to all walks of people as well as achievements attained by the Islamic establishment must be enumerated via all available means of communication and social media platforms.
The president said special attention needs to be paid to explain the root causes of the 15 Khordad uprising as a turning point in Iran’s history, emphasizing that the potentials of university students and intellectuals have to be utilized for such a sublime objective.
The Islamic Republic of Iran is commemorating the 60th anniversary of the uprising. People took to the streets on that day to protest the arrest of the late founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini after he delivered a speech vehemently censuring the country’s Western-backed Shah and the Israeli regime.
The protests of June 5 and 6, 1963 in the Iranian cities of Qom, Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad and Varamin were ruthlessly crushed in a bloody crackdown, in which dozens of people were killed.
The uprising opened up a new chapter in a grassroots resistance against the Pahlavi regime and the then-monarch, Muhammad Reza Pahlavi.
After the 15 Khordad uprising, however, the U.S.-backed regime stepped up its heavy-handed clampdown, going on a spree of arrests, imprisonment and execution of dissidents, which led to further unrest across the nation.
Throughout those years, Imam Khomeini was sent to exile in Iraq, Turkey and France for 15 years, before returning to Iran, leading to the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in February 1979.

New World Order

On Saturday, President Raisi said a new world order in favor of the resistance front is emerging and Iran will be a major player in this new order, as the power of the United States continues to wane.
He said Imam Khomeini’s ideas led to a major development in the global political arena, and his revolution changed all the political equations and gave birth to new ones and a new world order.
“All U.S. indices of unilateralism show that its power is in decline and emerging powers, including

regional organizations, are on the rise across the globe, especially in Asia. There is no doubt that the Islamic Revolution is a major player in this new order, which is taking shape in favor of the resistance,” he said.
“Those who claim to be powerful are now admitting to the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran and our power in the region is undeniable, and no equation can take shape except with Iran playing a role in it,” he added.
The president said “resistance” is now among prominent political terms in the world and the key to resistance is to become strong in the face of the enemies, not to submit to them.
“The word ‘resistance’ had no place in the political jargon, but today ‘resistance’ and ‘steadfastness’ are among prominent political terms,” Raisi noted.
He said the key to resistance is that “the path does not go through submission to the enemy, but it requires to appear strong against the enemy, because only a strong society can resist conspiracies and all kinds of sedition.”
“We have announced time and again that we are ready to establish relations with countries that have indicated their willingness to have relations with Iran. However, we will resist against those countries that may want to confront us,” Raisi added.
The president said a hybrid and media war launched against the Islamic Republic by its enemies will also fail and prove futile, as the Iranian nation continues to tread the trail that has been blazed by its martyrs.