News ID: 115652
Publish Date : 30 May 2023 - 22:48

TEHRAN - Reza Morad-Sahraei becomes Iran’s new education minister after securing a vote of confidence from the country’s Parliament.
During a parliamentary session on Tuesday, Morad-Sahraei, who has been serving as the caretaker of the Ministry of Education since March, presented his agenda and plans to the lawmakers.
At the session, 167 lawmakers voted in favor of the proposed minister and 86 against. Fourteen legislators also abstained.
Morad-Sahraei was appointed as the Education Ministry’s caretaker by President Ebrahim Raisi after Minister Yousef Nouri resigned from his post.
The resignation came in the wake of a delay in paying the teachers’ salaries, which prompted the president to order First Vice President Muhammad Mokhber to investigate and deal with any probable malpractice.

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