News ID: 115613
Publish Date : 29 May 2023 - 23:01

Iran, Oman Set the Precedent of Peace & Progress in the Region

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The 2-day visit to Tehran of Sultan Haitham bin Tareq and his cordial talks with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian President, has brought into sharper focus the historical, geographical, commercial, cultural, and political ties that Oman shares with Iran.
Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei describing relations between the two countries that face each other across the strategic Strait of Hormuz due to Oman’s control of the tiny Musandam Peninsula which juts into the gateway of the Persian Gulf, as “deep-rooted and beneficial to all sides”, cautioned of the dangers posed to the region by the unwanted presence of the Zionists.
The Islamic Republic’s policy of peace with all countries in the neighbourhood clearly states that regional security is the responsibility of the littoral states, as is very well known to Oman whose own policy of mediation removes mistrusts from the region and brings regional countries closer to each other, making them realize that the US is the common enemy with its devilish designs of fanning discord and even flames of wars amongst Muslim states.
This means the Americans should leave the entire region and if they are really sincere, they should return the assets they have illegally frozen with a vow not to meddle anywhere in West Asia/North Africa.
Then only permanent peace and progress will prevail, rather than any one-sided cosmetic accord which Washington easily breaks as part of its illegitimate extraterritorial hegemonic policies.
As for Usurper Israel, it has no right to exist in Palestine, which should be returned to the Palestinian people, and the Zionists kicked out from the Persian Gulf, where they have imposed themselves upon certain unsuspecting states.
All regional countries should pay attention to these vital issues. Diplomacy to remove distrusts is the only way as is evident from Oman’s promotion of goodwill through mediation efforts, whether between Yemen and Saudi Arabia or the proposal of resumption of ties between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Egypt.
Tehran definitely welcomes relations with Cairo and promotion of cultural, economic, and of course, pilgrimage ties, which the Americans and the Zionists are trying to prevent through their poisonous propaganda in a bid to keep the two prime Muslim nations apart.
The evil divide and rule policy of the West is collapsing in the region and all over the world, and as Iran and Oman have shown brotherly cooperation among the Muslim countries is beneficial in both regional and global terms.
The four important agreements signed between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Sultanate of Oman during Sultan Haitham’s visit are thus not limited to the proposed $5 billion worth of trade exchanges, but the blossoming of brotherly ties amongst the states of the region as harbinger of the cherished goal of a united Muslim World.