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Publish Date : 01 March 2015 - 20:57
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer Israel is no longer the only criminal regime in the world that is collectively punishing the besieged people of Gaza Strip in broad daylight. Nowadays, callous Egyptian and American authorities are equally wreaking havoc on the coastal enclave.  
The U.S.-financed Egyptian armed forces are building a "buffer zone” along the border with Gaza and have effectively blockaded the defenseless city for months now. Following the blockade, the Zionist army and settlers have rampaged through Palestinian fields and neighborhoods, setting olive trees on fire and trashing houses.
Backed by the Zionist police, fanatical settlers continue to attack Palestinians, damaging and ransacking their property in occupied territories. On the other hand, the usurper regime, with full support from the U.S., is denying 1.8 million people in Gaza all the necessities of life, including vital construction materials that are needed to rebuild the devastated city.
But that’s not what has angered the long-suffering people of Palestine! They have taken to the streets in the Gaza Strip not to ask for international aid but to protest against an Egyptian court ruling that has designated the resistance movement of Hamas as a "terrorist” group! The Palestinian movement’s armed wing was also given the same label a few weeks before.
This is while the ruling is an attack against the Palestinian people because Hamas is the largest political party. In the words of Palestinian officials, Hamas is a source of pride for all Arabs, and its military wings are there to protect the Palestinians. Israel is the only one who benefits from this ruling. No wonder Hamas says the verdict is "a gift to the Zionist enemy”.
Without question the politicized decision is a shame and sullies the reputation of Egypt. It is a desperate attempt to export the internal Egyptian crisis and will have no effect on the position of Hamas, which enjoys the full respect of all the people and leaders of the nation.
At any rate, it is the responsibility of all people in the world to insist on the inviolability and universality of human rights in Palestine. As such, and compelled by the UN, U.S. and Europe failures to meet their obligations to the Palestinian people, the international civil society must call for an immediate change in the UN-Western Middle East policy.
While proclaiming that all peoples in the region have a right to security, successive U.S.-European governments have condoned the usurper regime’s systematic violation of the Palestinian population’s basic human rights to live free of military coercion and violence – with a helping hand from Egypt.
The international community must assume its responsibilities regarding the Zionist occupation of West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem al-Quds and call for an immediate end to the systematic punishment, land expropriation, home demolitions and slow genocide.  
Instead of branding Hamas as a "terrorist” group, Egyptian government officials, likewise, must lift the criminal blockade and publicly and unequivocally demand the immediate and unilateral withdrawal of all Zionist military forces from the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967 as well as the dismantlement of all illegal settlements. As a Muslim nation, it’s the least they could do.

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