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Publish Date : 29 May 2023 - 22:56

WEST BANK (Dispatches) – The Zionist regime has decided to import 10,000 workers from India to replace Palestinian workers.
The Indian government has signed an agreement with the occupying regime to send 10,000 Indian workers to the occupied territories.
Half of these workers are destined for the construction sector, with the remaining half designated for nursing roles. The arrival of these workers will be staged, with 2,500 construction and an equal number of nursing workers due in the first year, according to reports on the Walla website.
The Population and Immigration Authority of the occupying regime states that the incoming workers from India are experienced and fluent in English. They are expected to fill the gap in the occupied territories for labour, specifically in the nursing and construction fields.
As part of the efforts to reach this agreement, a multi-ministerial mission visited India last March to work on a blueprint for employing workers.
At this stage, following the drafting of agreements by specialists from both sides, matters stand at the final phase of ratifying the agreements. The spokesman for the Ministry of Population and Immigration stated, “We expect the agreements to be approved shortly, and we will soon be able to start setting up the necessary mechanisms to employ skilled labor in a proper and supervised manner.”
Based on the Worker’s Voice website (Kav LaOved), the number of Palestinian workers in the occupied territories has steadily increased in recent years, particularly in the construction industry, the largest employer of Palestinian workers in the territories. As of mid-2020, more than 80,000 permanent workers were employed the occupied territories and about 60,000 in the construction industry.

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