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Publish Date : 27 May 2023 - 23:11

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

Politics may involve theatrics but is not the arena of comedy, and what if the administration of a country is entrusted to a comedian.
The result will definitely be disastrous as is the case of Ukraine, a Slavic land with age-old ties to ‘Mother Russia’.
Ukraine has been devastated by an unwanted war into which a comedian has pushed it on the instructions of NATO, thinking that it is fun to see people killed, and towns and cities destroyed.
The irony is that Volodymyr Zelensky who was propelled to the Ukrainian presidency does not have Slavic roots although he and his parents happened to be born in Ukraine.
He is a non-Semitic Khazar Jew with deep attachment to the racist ideology of Zionism.
This explains for his acting like an agent of the US without any sentiments for the unnecessary sufferings of the Ukrainian people.
This is the reason he doesn’t want the destructive war to end. To prolong the conflict he evades all proposals of peace, and instead makes wild accusations against those saddened by the bloodletting of the Ukrainian people, such as the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Zelensky’s avoidance of expert talks with Iran in order to investigate his baseless claims of the supply of drones to Russia indicates that he is after specific political goals.
In the words of Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman, his “worthless” claims against the Islamic Republic is meant to procure more Western weapons and funds – that will not end the war but lead to greater destruction of Ukraine.
Nasser Kan’ani slammed Zelensky’s allegations as a “blame game” with the aim of deflecting public attention.
He rightly remarked that the Ukrainian president has put up a “political show” full of “worthless” and “groundless” allegations.
In other words, the repetition of false claims by Zelensky is part of the US-Zionist propaganda and media war of the anti-Iranian axis against the Islamic Republic and the Iranian people.
Nevertheless, Tehran has never closed the door and is ready to discuss the issue with Kiev, for the sake of the Ukrainian people, with whom the Iranian people have traditionally friendly ties.
Peace will take place the moment the Ukrainian people realize the dangers posed to them and their country by Zelenksy the Zionist.
In other words, so long the comedian is allowed to indulge in theatrics on the European and international stage, the unwanted war will continue to be a tragedy for the Slavic people.

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