News ID: 115394
Publish Date : 24 May 2023 - 23:23

Kuwait Court Upholds Decision to Dissolve 2022 Parliament

KUWAIT (Reuters) – Kuwait’s Constitutional Court on Wednesday upheld a March ruling that a September 2022 parliamentary election, in which the opposition made gains, was void, by rejecting an appeal against that decision.
This means June 6 legislative elections will go ahead.
The head of the court, Fouad al-Zuwaid, said: “The court decided to reject the appeal” which had been filed by members of the 2022 parliament, who said the court had exceeded its powers by declaring that parliament void.
After the 2022 parliament was dissolved in March, parliament was reinstated with the composition of the 2020 elections — which itself had been previously dissolved in a bid to end political feuding.
However in May it was again dissolved by royal decree in order for fresh elections to take place in June.