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Publish Date : 22 May 2023 - 23:11

Iran’s Pride of Place in the Emerging New World Order

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The emerging new world order has definitely placed the Islamic Republic of Iran in a prime position in regional as well as in international equations.
Tehran’s prudent policies have borne fruits, despite the unending terrorism of the US, ranging from economic sanctions and poisonous propaganda to directing its accomplices in the West to indulge in open hostility against Iran and Iranian nationals, along with the relentless threats of the illegal Zionist entity.
This has made Washington more bitter and mad with rage, but there is nothing it can do to stop Iran’s spectacular progress in various fields, including scientific achievements and deft diplomacy in winning the confidence of neighbours as nwell as far off countries in the three continents of Asia, Africa, and the Americas.
As the Leader of the Islamic Revolution told a recent gathering of Iran’s foreign ministry corps, including those based abroad, the cornerstone of Iran’s foreign policy is: “honour, wisdom, and expediency.”
This is evident by the Islamic Republic’s flourishing relations with countries of the free world and its membership in major regional and global organizations.
Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei outlined six mandatory rules in foreign policy, saying “compliance with these indicators is a sign of successful foreign policy, and if these rules are not observed, there will be problems either in the theory of foreign policy or in the functioning and operations of diplomacy.”
He outlined the first principle as the “Ability to convincingly explain the rationale behind Iran’s approach to various issues, while the other five principles include: “Having an effective, directive presence in various political-economic forums, events and currents around the world”; “Overcoming and reducing threatening policies and decisions against Iran”; “Weakening the centers posing danger”; “Strengthening friendly governments and organizations with focus on firming up Iran’s strategic depth”; and “Discerning the hidden layers in regional and global decisions and actions.” 
Of course, the new world order does not emerge overnight and is a long-term process affected by unforeseen events, which make developments in Iran and its diplomacy all the more important.
Thus, in view of these facts, the Islamic Republic, in order to ensure its proper and paramount place in the new world order, needs to monitor and evaluate developments with the capability to recognize the exact direction of happenings in the region and abroad, including the expertise to probe the consequence of events occurring behind the scenes.