News ID: 115330
Publish Date : 22 May 2023 - 23:10

Los Angeles Festival Awards ‘Wound of Shadow’

TEHRAN – Written and directed by Rachel Safadel, the Iranian half-length film “Wound of Shadow” won a special prize at the International Brightlight Film Festival in Los Angeles.
Having a social theme about children’s problems, “Wound of Shadow” was filmed in Tehran last winter and will be screened soon.
Haniyeh Khosravani, Shahin Zargar, Mehri Arman, Rahim Safadel, and Parmis Tarkhorani are among cast members.
The festival’s goal is to introduce and reward independent filmmakers from all over the world and become a tool to open the way in the cinema industry. In order to encourage participants to trust themselves more, we offer prizes for the best work.