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Publish Date : 19 May 2023 - 23:02

President Raisi Meets Tribal Heads in Zahedan

TEHRAN -- President Ebrahim Raisi has held a friendly meeting with tribal chiefs in the country’s Sunni Muslim-majority province of Sistan and Baluchestan during a visit aimed at pursuing the development projects in the region.
During the meeting on Thursday evening, Raisi said the province is a beloved part of the Islamic Republic.
He warned against attempts to disrupt national unity and said, “National convergence should be protected, and anyone who tries to break the national unity takes a step on the path of enemies.”
Raisi referred to the acts of violence in Sistan and Baluchestan during months of riots and protests in the country last year, saying, “Rioting is unacceptable to any citizen.”
In September 2022, a wave of unrest broke out across Iran in the aftermath of the death in custody of a young Iranian women.
According to Iranian officials, taking advantage of the public anger, different terror groups and hooligans engaged in deadly acts of violence in different provinces, including in Sistan and Baluchestan.
Later that month, 35 people lost their lives and dozens more were injured as armed terrorists launched attacks on several police stations and public places in Zahedan, the province’s capital.
Referring to the attacks, President Raisi said, “Those who were hurt in the incident need attention and sympathy.”
The president said he asked officials to address the sufferings of those harmed in the attacks as soon as the incidents happened, and that he himself would also visit them and the families of the victims.